Sangjaru is a captivating Korean folk fusion band that merges the energy of traditional Korean music with the infectious rhythms of gypsy swing, funk, rock, and improvisation. The name "Sangjaru" originates from the combination of two Korean words, "sangja" (box) and "jaru" (sack). While a box retains a fixed form, a sack adapts to its contents. Inspired by this analogy, the band aspires to infuse new creativity into the rich traditions of Korean music. Through a blend of diverse musical influences, Sangjaru creates innovative cultural expressions that are both distinctive and exhilarating.
As the winner of the prestigious Sori Frontier 2019 competition, part of the Jeonju International Sori Festival, Sangjaru has been recognized for their exceptional talent and unique approach to traditional music. The competition aims to promote promising Korean artists to the global music scene, solidifying Sangjaru's reputation as one of Korea's most exciting emerging bands. Through their eclectic musical influences, Sangjaru creates captivating cultural expressions that captivate and delight audiences worldwide.
Band Members: Cho Sungyoon on guitar; Kwon Hyochang on janggu (hourglass drum) and kkwaenggwari (small gong); and Nam Seonghun on ajaeng (bowed zither).

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