Dean Owens & The Sinners

Let award-winning troubadour Dean Owens and his band transport you to a sepia stained downtown cantina with songs from his stunning new Sinner’s Shrine album (recorded with musicians from Calexico)  – a unique blend of Scottish roots and Americana, with added desert noir.
The Sinners make a glorious, brass infused, driving sound with Craig Ross (electric guitar), Philip Cardwell (trumpet) and Adam McMillan (bass), with Dean’s searingly soulful voice upfront. They conjure the magical panoramic sweep of the US desert states, infused with grit and dust from Scotland’s post industrial heartland. Songs of love and lust, sinners and saints, the displaced, the wanderers and the border ghosts.
A joyous mix of songs, banter and stories from Dean’s 10 album career and a life on the road. Earworm inducing melodies and great songs; the heart of a rock n roller combined with the spellbinding delivery of folk’s best storytellers, with fun and melancholy intertwined.

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