Some highlights from 2023
Water consumption was reduced from 15.4 litres per person per day to 4.4 litres per person per day.
New bar team who uses less waste and sources their products from environmentally conscious companies.
No single use plastics since 2019
Signed a commitment to “Music Declares an Emergency” in 2019.
Total waste down
 Recycling rate increased to 64.88%.
Total 100% green tariff electricity
14.81% of stalls are VG only and 22.22% of stalls are VG/V, with the remaining 62.96% of stalls catering for all (with at least one VG and/or V option).
The total waste for the entire festival was 20.20 tonnes equating to 0.36 kg per person/day purchasing trees through Festival Wood to help account for the impact of the tonnes of CO2e.
AGF Accreditation and nominations
Cambridge Folk Festival is delighted to announce that it has achieved the Greener Festival Outstanding Certification 2023!
“Outstanding” signifies a truly outstanding and inspirational event. These are exceptional events who have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, have excellent travel, transport, food and waste management programmes, protect the environment and minimise water use and communicate this to the public.
‘The Cambridge Folk Festival has worked steadily through the aspects of their carbon footprint on the local community and wider world over recent years. They make continual efforts year upon year to implement plans to reduce their impact, hand in hand with providing a great festival experience!’- AGF
Cambridge Folk Festival have been shortlisted for the following AGF International awards categories:
International greener festival award
Circular event award
Community action award  
Greener power award
Water and sanitation award
Sustainable Stand Award Winners
1. Try kind- Closed loop philosophy, connections with suppliers and the beautiful upcycling of otherwise wasted fabrics (of which every piece of fabric is used, nothing wasted), and more!
2. Gilbert house pens- making traditional fountain pens with wood and upcycled materials (watches etc.). By buying the wood he uses for the pens, traditional faring techniques such as coppicing are encouraged (supporting biodiversity).
1. Nomadough- Low impact business, hoe grown herbs used for cooking, whilst catering for all diets.
2. Los Churros Amigos- Low impact business, chocolate sauce which is used at other events to prevent waste, naturally all vegan options and initial materials used for the business.
How can you help the festival be the most sustianble it can be?
Greening the travel
Did you know audience travel accounts for over 80% of our carbon footprint? We want you all here and to have a good time as it wouldn’t work without you!
How can we reduce it?
Coaches National Express offer cheap tickets from all over the UK. www.nationalexpress.com/en
Car Share Less cars = less carbon, pollution, congestion, noise and local impacts. We partner with GoCarShare and LiftShare so sign up now if you’ve got space in your car or want to find a lift. You can save money and have a great conscience.
Keep it Healthy If you’re local then cycle or walk! We have cycle racks opposite the main gate.
Carbon Balance. Balance your travel emissions through investing in renewable energy with the charity ecolibrium.
Fill out your transport details in the after-event questionnaire to help us track the emissions better and consider more ways to reduce it.
iNaturalist challenge
Located in East Anglia, Cambridge, the Folk festival has a unique benefit as we share the event site with beautiful habitats and amazing wildlife! Some of which include the internationally rare chalk streams. As well as chalk grasslands which host important wildflowers and butterfly species. The tree trail in Cherry Hinton Hall, and the wildflower meadows
There will be competitions with prizes as well as the opportunity to join our environmental manager for a bioblitz at Coldham’s common.
Become a Friend of the Festival 
To help to sustain and improve upon our waste and recycling efforts in 2024. Find out more here.

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