Postponements & Cancellations

As we re-open, some events may still be cancelled. If you hold tickets to a cancelled event, rest assured your tickets are protected and we will contact you in due course about your options for a refund or, where available, re-booking to another date.

Please be patient and wait to be contacted. The Wheeler Street box office remains closed for the time being and phone lines are not available. If you need to contact Box Office, please send an email to and we will respond as we are able.

Why should you support us?

One of our ambitions has always been to provide opportunities for emerging talent, which we do through:

The Den
The Den is a stage dedicated to emerging talent.  It is located just away from the bustle of the main stages, and set within a beautiful Indian marquee, decorated to create a quirky, welcoming and intimate space. Artists who have performed in the Den include Nick Mulvey and Jake Bugg. 

The Hub
The Hub is committed to identifying, supporting and encouraging specifically young emerging talent. The workshops for children and young people on each day of the festival are well attended by festival goers and are led by musicians who are performing at the festival who provide inspiration as well as musical knowledge to these young people.

Showcase artists
Each year the Festival choses five up and coming folk artists or bands as showcase artists. These artists are given the opportunity to perform at the Club Tent giving them a unique platform to gain experience of performing to larger audiences at the Festival.

Cambridge Folk Festival understands that the provision of opportunity for new talent is vital to developing the next generation of headliners and providing exciting new music for real music lovers. Join the club and help us deliver on our ambitions for the next 50 years (and more!).

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