Information for customers with disabilities

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General Information
Cambridge Folk Festival is one of the longest running Festival’s in the UK. It takes place annually and is nearly 60yrs old. It is organised by Cambridge City Council. It consists of 4 music stages and the program also includes, workshops, street theatre and morris dancing. Cambridge Folk Festival runs from 25th – 28th July 2024 Site opens at 10am on Thursday and 9am Fri-Sun and closes daily at midnight.
The festival is held at Cherry Hinton Hall Park, Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 8DW What Three Words Address for the front gate is
This page is intended to provide you with all the information you require to get the most from your visit.  
What Is Cambridge Like?
The pictures below are taken before the site was full
Should you need any further information please contact the Box Office at  
The Festival site can get very busy. Especially later into the evening and around the stages. That includes loud music and lots of chatter.
There is a big open space with lots of food vans with  space to sit and eat and drink. Sometimes there are pop up performances in that space too.
Most people bring their own chairs to sit. We don’t allow chairs in the marquees as they get very full especially later into the evening.
There are viewing areas at the 3 main stages. They are wheelchair accessible and have seats. The seats are not reserved and once vacated will be available to someone else.
There are designated stewards for disabled customers, driving accessible minibuses and working at the disabled viewing areas. Please ask stewards for any help or advice you may need over the weekend. 
Traveling to Cambridge
You can get a train to Cambridge then get a bus from the train station to the festival site.
From the train station use Stop 2 and get a Citi 3 to Cherry Hinton Hall. Buses run every 10 minutes and stop near to the entrance to the Festival. Bus rides cost £2. Citi buses are all wheelchair accessible.
The designated taxi drop off and collection location at Cherry Hinton Hall is the BP petrol station, which is located 250m from the main entrance to the Festival. Taxis may drop off and collect from the Box Office at Coldham’s Common.
What should I bring?
The festival is outdoors so be prepared for different weathers. Bring sun cream, sunglasses and a hat for sunny weather. A raincoat, and umbrella will also be good. There are food and drink vendors and a bar, but you can bring your own food and drink (no glass) if you want.
There are public toilets across the festival site. Wherever there are toilets There is a larger accessible portaloo. Viewing platforms at Stg 1 and Stg 2 also have their own accessible portaloo. There is also a Mobiloo Changing Space.
What if I need help?
You can ask any member of staff if you need help. There are also security that can help you There is an info point next to St John where you can ask for help. It is a good idea to choose a meeting place with friends and family in case you get lost.
Accessible Friendly Camping
Accessible friendly camping can be found at Coldham’s Common. The ground can be a little uneven. There is a designated area with power, accessible toilets and showers. There is the ability to store medicine and there are St John’s First Aiders on site. Vehicles including caravans and camper vans are allowed on this site. Cars may be left alongside tents. A wheelchair accessible minibus is available for travelling to/from Cherry Hinton Hall.
Showers at Coldham’s Common Campsite
Wheelchair accessible Festival showers were introduced at Coldham’s Common Campsite in 2017. If you want to use this facility, please book accessible friendly camping and speak to the stewards on arrival and they can point you in the direction of the accessible camping area.
Blue Badge holders camping at Cherry Hinton may apply for a Disabled Persons Unloading pass from Please state your reasons for requesting access at the time of application together with your name, mobile number and vehicle registration.
This pass allows access via the main site entrance (Gate 2), to the campsite and includes early access on Thursday 07:30 to 09:30, on the understanding that vehicles must be removed by 09:30. There is no access permitted on Thursday between 09:30 and 11:00. Access with this pass is also permitted Monday 08:00 to 11:00. There will be no access without a valid pass.
These passes are limited, and allocation will be prioritised according to need. Passes must be requested by 30 June.
Customers with a Disabled Persons Unloading pass must follow steward's directions when entering the site, drive at walking pace and give way to pedestrians. Please unload your car as quickly as possible (within 30 minutes) and remove your car to allow others access. No vehicles will be allowed to drive on the grass and should remain on the hard standing. Please drop off and unload only and do not erect your tent before removing your vehicle. On departure, please pack up all equipment ready for loading before bringing your vehicle on site. We encourage trailer tent users to go to Coldham’s Common, where it is possible to keep your car near to your tent. At Cherry Hinton Hall, if you trailer tent is too large to be unhitched and pushed from the drop off area into the campsite, you may apply for a Trailer Tent Pass to gain access via the main entrance to Cherry Hinton Hall.
Trailer Tents 
We encourage trailer tent users to go to Coldham’s Common, where it is possible to keep your car near to your tent. At Cherry Hinton Hall, if you trailer tent is too large to be unhitched and pushed from the drop off area into the campsite, you may apply for a Trailer Tent Pass to gain access via the main entrance to Cherry Hinton Hall. Passes are limited and applications must be made in advance. There will be no access without a valid pass.  Access will be from 07:30 – 09:30 on Thursday 2nd only. There is no access permitted on Thursday between 09:30 and 11:00. Please unhitch your trailer and unload your car as quickly as possible (within 10 minutes) and remove your car to allow others access. This pass will allow access to the hard-standing areas only. You may not drive on the grass. When departing please pack all your equipment and bring it to the hard standing before collecting your car. Please apply to including your names, mobile number and vehicle registration. 
Transport between Sites
1. A designated wheelchair accessible minibus will be available to travel to Cherry Hinton Hall from, Netherhall Upper School or Coldham’s Common between 10:00 and 01:00. These will run from Cherry Hinton Hall on the hour and from Coldham’s Common on the half hour. Please contact the steward at the car park or site HQ if you have a problem.
2. A regular free shuttle service also operates between Cherry Hinton Hall, Netherhall Upper School and Coldham’s Common. These are wheelchair accessible buses and are managed by Stagecoach. If you require more information, go to
Wheelchair accessible toilets are located at each toilet point at the festival:
Site Entrance
• Just within the entrance to the main Cherry Hinton Hall site, on the far-left side when facing the Box Office. 
Cherry Hinton Campsite
• Within the main toilet block in the centre of the campsite in front of the Hall.
• In front of the Sessions Café 
• Campsite to the left of the entrance near the Children’s Play area.
• In the far-right corner of the campsite beside the Robin Hood emergency exit.
Cambridge Folk Festival is happy to confirm that we will have a Mobiloo changing space on site at Cherry Hinton Hall. For information about Mobiloo please visit their website;
Main Arena
• To the right of the arena entrance in front of Stage 2. 
• At Stage 2 disabled viewing area.
• At the Stage 1 disabled viewing area.
• In the main toilet block to the left of Stage 1.
Coldham’s Common Campsite
• Just within the entrance to the site on the left, within the main toilet block.
• In the centre of the campsite within the main toilet block
• On the front right-hand corner of the campsite
Car Parks
• Netherhall Upper and Lower School Car Parks.
Showers for Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite
We regret that it is not currently possible to provide showers at Cherry Hinton Hall. 
Wheelchair accessible showers are available at Cherry Hinton Village Centre, Colville Road, which is located halfway down Cherry Hinton High Street on the right-hand side.
If you require accessible transport to reach this facility, please arrange this with a steward for disabled people the previous day. There is also a separate room which conforms to the “Changing Spaces” standards for disabled users. Its facilities include: "H" frame ceiling mounted track mounted disabled hoist, electronic height adjustable changing bed, large buttons and Braille on the shower controls and disabled fittings on the sinks and WC. Showers are open Friday to Sunday 8cam- 1pm. There is a charge of £3.50.
Wheelchair Equipment & Battery Recharging for Electric Wheelchairs
A limited number of manual wheelchairs will be available should you experience difficulties over the weekend, and also a limited number of 13amp power sockets will be available for battery recharging. This service is being provided in collaboration with Cambridge Shopmobility and will be located on the concrete path in front of Cherry Hinton Hall, to the right of the entrance to main arena.
This service will be staffed between the following times:
Thursday 15:30-17:30 & 21:00-23:00
Friday 09:00-11:00, 14:00-17:00 & 22:00-24:00
Saturday 09:00-11:00, 14:00-17:00 & 22:00-24:00
Sunday 09:00-11:00, 14:00-17:00 & 22:00-24:00
Monday 09:00-11:00
Please note that proof of identity will be required. Wheelchairs will not be allowed off the site. Advance booking is advisable. For booking please contact Em Carroll
Designated Accessible Viewing Areas 
Designated stewarded viewing areas are provided for disabled people at all stages. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 
It may be necessary to limit people who accompany people with disabilities should viewing areas become crowded. 
Stage 1 - There is a covered, raised viewing platform with a ramp leading up to it, to the right when facing the stage. Access is via a pathway running from the HQ Information & Lost Children’s point in the main arena to the right-hand corner of the marquee.
Stage 2 - There is a covered raised viewing platform accessible via a pathway to the left of the back-stage entrance. 
Stage 3 - There is a covered raised viewing area located in front of the sound desk. Access is via a pathway between the left of the marquee and the adjoining caterers.
Stage Lighting
Whilst strobe lights are not used, Stage 1 and Stage 2 do feature bright and flashing lights, similar to those found at rock concerts.
Festival Safety Information
Emergency Procedure
In the event of discovering any minor incident anywhere on the site, please inform your nearest steward (wearing a CREW t-shirt) or a security person (one at each entrance gate). These staff will know what action to take.
If it is necessary to evacuate certain area(s), this will be announced over the PA systems in the performing areas, bars, catering areas, Traders Marquee, or in the case of the camping area by loud hailers. If the incident is in the main inner arena, please collect any personal belongings and then follow stewards' instructions. If, however, the nature of the emergency is apparent, and the danger is immediate follow the instructions from stewards but leave your belongings.
N.B. Disabled customers should note that if they require assistance the stewards will automatically help them move across or leave the site. 
Campsite Safety 
To camp you must purchase a Full Festival ticket and sufficient Camping tickets for your size tent for the campsite of your choice. One camping ticket will entitle you to a space large enough for a 2/3 berth tent space, max size 4.5m x 3.5m inc guy ropes, measured from the longest to the widest point. For safety please allow space around your tent; 2m for small and 5m for large tents. Awnings or canopies cannot link tents or be attached to trees. Please familiarise yourself with your nearest fire point. Use the BBQ areas provided as your own open fires are not permitted. Flares, oil burning lamps or sky lanterns are not allowed. Please keep your valuables with you at all times and do not leave lying around or in your tent. Cambridge Live cannot accept responsibility for any losses.
Only assistance dogs will be allowed at the event and will be required to provide their works ticket and wear a vest identifying them while on site.

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