Ballet Folk and Words from a Fiddlers Daughter: The Tears of Jenny Greenteeth

Stage 2, 17:35-18:25

A Folk Ballet presented by Debbie Norris’s Ballet Folk and Words from a Fiddlers Daughter / Ciderhouse Rebellion 

This new collaboration offers an original folk ballet, that is an adaptation of the traditional folk tale of Jenny Greenteeth. Poet, Jessie Summerhayes, along with musicians, Adam Summerhayes and Murray Grainger, and Director/Choreographer, Debbie Norris, have created an immersive piece of theatre that uses the interplay between poetry, music and contemporary ballet to transport audiences to the valley of Greenwater to witness the dark yet triumphant story of Jenny Greenteeth.

This is a tale from a time younger than ours, where love and forgiveness triumphantly overcome fear, sadness and greed. A tale where nature triumphs over the poison of industry. A Miller’s daughter is swept away in the mill race, her parents left transformed by grief. The people of Greenwater live in fear as their children disappear - suspecting that they are being taken and drowned by the Miller - whilst the devastated Miller’s husband creates an industrial complex and an army of workers, his skills as a magical toymaker transformed to pursue wealth. Many in the town benefit from the riches, but the society becomes more and more divided - a social wasteland begins to mirror the industrial one. An unexpected return precipitates change - but it is a race between disaster and redemption.


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