Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Tickets of all types are limited in number, sold on a first-come first-served basis. Ticket sales will be restricted to a maximum of 6 adult tickets, per person or per booking. Do not attempt to buy a Cambridge City resident ticket, including from touts or on sites such as eBay, if you are not a Cambridge City resident. Checks will be carried out on entering the Festival and you will be refused admission. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred, re-sold, refunded, or re-issued.

Admission tickets and camping space are sold separately. Tickets do not include off-site parking, but you can purchase your parking ticket on our website HERE. On arrival each ticket must be exchanged for a non-transferable wristband which must be worn at all times


Discounted Full Festival and day tickets are available to anyone with a disability. These customers may also purchase a second Full Festival or Day ticket for a companion at the concessionary price. Customers requiring a personal assistant may purchase a second Full Festival or day ticket at the price equivalent to the difference between the price of a standard ticket and a concessionary ticket. Proof of eligiblity may be required at the Box Office on site

Cambridge City residents are entitled to purchase a discounted Full Festival ticket. Proof of residency must be shown at the Box Office on site, or the full price will be charged.


Camping tickets are available for both full weekend and day ticket holders. The charge is for tent space not the people inside, so camping costs may be shared. One camping ticket entitles you to a plot large enough for a 2/3 berth tent space of max size 4.5m x 3.5m inc guy ropes, measured from the longest to the widest point. To camp, you must purchase a Full Festival ticket or Day ticket and sufficient Camping tickets for the size of your tent for the campsite of your choice. Due to Fire Officer recommendations, awnings or canopies must not link tents. A clear 2m will be required around each small tent and a clear 5m around each large tent. Each tent, awning or canopy will require its own Camping ticket. We recommend the use of flame retardant tents. The Festival and both campsites will not open until 10am on the opening Thursday. Do not arrive until after this time as there will be no access to the Festival and the Police will move vehicles on.


Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite is a beautiful park complete with a duckpond, sculpture, lovely trees and country house. The campsite surrounds and is just a short walk from the main arena and all the Festival’s facilities and has a wonderful atmosphere. Also within the campsite is a children’s area and purpose build paddling pool and playground.

You must purchase sufficient camping space for the size of your tent or you may be moved to Coldham’s Common Campsite. Preventing traffic congestion is essential for the future of the Festival. There is no unauthorised unloading at or near Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite other than for disabled people and those with trailer tents. You must drive straight to the car park, unless you are disabled or have a trailer tent. It is a 15 minute walk from the car park to Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite but a regular free shuttle bus service is provided. If there is no traffic congestion on the day, authorised drop off at Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite will be allowed to those with greater need e.g. customers with: large numbers of children; children under 5; an injury or illness; bulky or large amounts of musical instruments; large amounts of equipment; or customers who are elderly. Stewards at the car parks will control authorised drop off; you must still drive to the car park first.


Coldham’s Common Campsite is more peaceful and child friendly. Facilities include: on-site parking; showers; catering; family campsite entertainment; floor-singers’ stage; late night bar; craft stalls; free regular buses to the main site; nearby local swimming pool. You must ensure you purchase sufficient Camping tickets for the size of your tent or you will be charged on site. Vehicles should be left on site at Coldham’s Common and can be left close to where you are camping. There will be no access to other car parks.


Glamping is available for 2024. If you have booked glamping already and would like more information, visit our Glamping page here 


Caravans/Campervans can be brought to Coldham’s Common Campsite. You will need a Full Festival ticket and a Caravan/Campervan ticket. Towing vehicles may be left alongside caravans. The price of Caravan/Campervan tickets is discounted for Camper Vans occupying no more than the space required for a 2/3 berth tent, which is a space of max size 4.5m x 3.5m, measured from the longest to the widest point. You must ensure you pay for sufficient space for your Campervan or you will be charged on site. If you wish to use an awning on your caravan, minivan or campervan you must also purchase a Coldham's Common Tent ticket alongside your caravan, minivan or campervan ticket.


Facilities for disabled people include: drop-off area for camping equipment; wheelchair accessible minibus between all sites; changing spaces unit, wheelchair accessible toilets; limited number of accessible viewing spaces for all stages. 

Accessible friendly camping can be found at Coldham’s Common. The ground can be a little uneven. There is a designated area with power, accessible toilets and showers. There is the ability to store medicine and there are St John’s First Aiders on site. Vehicles including caravans and camper vans are allowed on this site. Cars may be left alongside tents. A wheelchair accessible minibus is available for travelling to/from Cherry Hinton Hall. Showers at Coldham’s Common Campsite Wheelchair accessible Festival showers were introduced at Coldham’s Common Campsite in 2017. If you want to use this facility, please book accessible friendly camping and speak to the stewards on arrival and they can point you in the direction of the accessible camping area.

Please ensure you refer to our Information Leaflet for Disabled People, available from the Box Office or on the FAQ page (https://www.cambridgelive.org.uk/folk-festival/information/faqs), which form part of the Festival’s terms and conditions.


All under 18 tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket. Children under 5 are admitted free but still require a ticket and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Under 14 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible adult on site and ages 14-17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 on arrival. Photo ID regarding the age of adults and children may be requested at the box office.


There may be high sound levels during certain performances. Prolonged exposure to high volume levels can cause damage to hearing. Children are particularly at risk of hearing damage. We recommend the use of ear defenders for young children. Enjoy the music but also give your ears a rest.


Due to limited space, if you must bring a chair into the arena, we prefer the use of small, folding, low back supports. In the interests of safety, chairs or other items which may cause an obstruction in an emergency or hinder access are not allowed within marquees.


In accordance with the law, smoking is not permitted within marquees or other wholly or substantially enclosed public spaces. No dogs are allowed on site, including car parks. Assistance dogs excepted. Do not bring glass. No glass bottles are allowed in the area, searches will be in operation. No sun shades allowed in the arena.


Help minimise traffic congestion by following this simple guide:

Coldham’s Common campers – red signs – drive straight to Coldham's Common.

All other ticket holders – blue signs – drive straight to the car park.

Unless you are disabled or have a trailer tent you must drive straight to the car park.

There will be no unauthorized unloading at or near Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite.


Tickets will be available to purchase online and, by phone via the Cambridge Live Tickets Box Office in Cambridge.

ONLINE www.cambridgefolkfestival.co.uk

PHONE (01223) 357851

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 12noon-6pm.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Maestro, Solo and Electron.


To minimize ticket touting and help ensure that tickets are distributed fairly, the following restrictions apply:

* A maximum combination of 6 adult tickets (Full Festival or Day), per person or per booking.


All tickets will be sent as a print at home ticket to the registered email they were purchased with.


Tickets cannot be exchanged for another day or refunded. If you need to change the name on a ticket, please get in touch with Box Office.


The management reserves the right to refuse admission and eject patrons from the event. Photo, video, or audio reproduction of artists is prohibited. Ticket holders consent to be included in official photography, visual and audio recordings. The management reserves the right to alter the programme without refund. The management will not accept responsibility for any losses of valuables.


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