Comitted to becoming a greener Festival

Tuesday 31 July 2018
 1. Cut down car emissions & help us become an EVEN greener festival!  Check out or . Coach packages will be available next year. 
 2. Carbon emissions from travel are the largest part of an event’s footprint. Help reduce these by car sharing, public transport, cycling, walking. Dedicated coaches are coming next year! Check out or  
 3. Check out advance and group rail fares to Cambridge and leave your car at home. 
 4. We are delighted to be a part of #seasonforchange this year: a UK wide programme of cultural responses celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change. Come and listen to what we do and the music industries response to climate change in the Flower garden on Friday.
 5. Have you thought about car sharing with friends to the festival? Or find folks in your area on or
 6. Remember we offer a FREE bus service from train & bus stations so you can leave cars at home & cut down on car emissions! 
 7. We wouldn't be a Cambridge festival if we didn't have an allocated cycle park area opposite main gates! #agreenerfestival #cycledontdrive!
 8. Don't forget to bring and reuse your water bottles onsite to cut down on plastic waste! We'll also be selling our own stainless steel bottles! 
 9. Last year we banned straws, stirrers and other single use plastic. Bring your own water bottle and get ready for a plastic free festival in 2019 
 10. We are delighted to uphold our green credentials. Please help us by recycling as much as possible on site! 
 11. Don't forget! Recycle, recycle, recycle all the way! 
 12. Be a recycling hero this festival and help us become a greener festival! 
 13. Did you know all our caterers only have fair-trade coffee, tea, sugar and cocoa and all eggs are free range? 
 14. Did you know we have had a no #plasticbag policy for over 10 years? Bring your own or grab a beautiful handmade bag from one of our traders! 
 15. We consider our energy use everywhere. All our lighting is low energy, LED & linked to daylight sensors so they only come on in the dark :)
 16. As the festival comes to an end please remember to #leavenotrace and use the recycling and waste points! 
 17. Remember to keep the noise down when accessing car parks, waiting for buses & leaving the #Festival!
 18. We have a designated area for 'family' or 'quieter' camping AND created more areas for late night sessions!
Find out more about how we're trying to reduce our carbon footprint HERE

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