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Cambridge Folk Festival 1979

Ry Cooder, Doc Watson and Friends, Maddy Prior, The Boys of the Lough, Loudon Wainwright III, Woodstock Muntains Revue, The Tannahill Weavers, Alex Campbell, Rockin’ Dopsie and the Cajun Twisters, Jim Page, Noel Murphy, Richard Digance, Dave Cousins, Louis Killen, Harvey Andrews, Dan Ar Bras, Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators, The New Victory Band, Orrin Star and Gary Mehalick, Plexus, Earl Okin, Anni Chester, Joe Stead, Neil Lewis, Julie Mairs and Chris Stowell, Warren Wyse

Cambridge Folk Festival 1978

Billy Connolly, Richie Hevens, The McCalmans, Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn, Diz Display, Clannad, New Victory Band, Muckram Wakes, Pete & Chris Coe, Fred Wedlock, John Foreman, Hamish Imlach, Paul Williams, Jake Walton, Alex Atterson, Chuck Brunicardi, Tom Paxton, Dave Swarbrick & Friends, Five Hand Reel, Na Fili, Red Clay Ramblers, Shirley & Dolly Collines, Dan Crary, Happy Traum, Packie Byrne & Bonnie Shaljean, Hot Vultures, John The Fish, Silkie Miller & J.J Dion, Dave Treharne, Brian Cookman, Ougenweide

Cambridge Folk Festival 1977

Ralph McTell, Don Mclean, The Boys of the Lough, The Daivd Bromberg band, Bert Jansch, The Albion Dance Band, Martin Carthy, Alex Campbell, Bill Keith, Tony Rice & David Grisman, Vin Garbutt, Cousin Joe from New Orleans, Jean Redpath, Bernard Wrigley, Magna Carta, Johnny Silvo, Andy Irvine and Paul Brady, Bill Caddick, Hunters’ Moon, Fred Wedlock, Jim Page, Joanne Carlin, Stephen Wade, Dick Fegy, The Tannerhill Weavers, Telephone Bill and The Smooth Operators, Frances Gilvray and Mick Burke, Mike Elliot, Saffron Summerfield, Holly Tannen, Brian Cookman, Johnny Morris, Flakey Pastry

Cambridge Folk Festival 1976

London Wainwright III, The McCalmans, The Bothy Band, The High Level Ranters, Cajun Moon, Artie Traum, Wizz Jones, Gerry Lockrun, Brenda Wootton, Martin Simpson, Pumpkinhead, Mike Elliot, John Scott Cree, John Hartford, Steve Goodman, Michael Chapman, Jeremy Taylor, Bryan Bowers, City Waites, The Bushwackers, Dave Burland, Derek Brimstone, Alex Atterson, Scafell Pike, Brillo, Holly Tannen, The Battlefield Band

Cambridge Folk Festival 1975

Tom Rush, Country Gazette, Bert Jansch, Stefan Grossman, Hans’ Che Weiss Quintett, David Bromberg Band, Richard Digance, Leo Kottke, Richard & Linda Thompson, Noel Murphy, Bryan Bowers, Jack the Lad, Robin & Barry Dransfield, Tony Rose, Vin Garbutt, Harvey Andrews & Graham Cooper, Tam Linn, Nic Jones, Mick Flynn, Five Hand Reel, Marc Ellington, Michael Moore, Chris Rohmann, The Crofters, Frogmorton, Malicorne, Miriam Backhouse, Spud, Anne Baker & Nick Barraclough, Al Schmidt, Graeme Turner, Brillo

Cambridge Folk Festival 1974

Arlo Guthrie & John Pilla, Martin Carthy, The Boys of the Lough, Planxty, Mickey Baker, Diz Disley, Archie Fisher, English Tapestry, Pete Stanely & Roger Knowles, Allan Taylor, Rosemary Hardman, Issac Guillory, Echo Mountain Band, Ian Anderson, George Deacon, Bully Wee, Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra, Dick Gaughan, Jon Betmead, Alan Stivell, Loudon Waitwright III, John Renbourne & Jacque McShee, Alex Campbell, Bill Clifton, Pete Sayers, Richard Digance, Gordon Giltrap, City Waites, Betsy Jeffferson & The Ridgerunners, The Crofters, John D.Byrant, The Radio Cowboys, Paddy Gray, Anne and Nick Barraclough, Decameron, Alex Atterson

Cambridge Folk Festival 1973

Steeleye Span, Steve Goodman, John Prine, Stefan Grossman, The Dransfields, Planxty, Derek Brimstone, Davey Graham, Dick Gaughan, Bob Davenport, Chris Rohmann, Shades of MacMurrough, Dave Cartwright, Rum, Tony Caspick, Fiona Stuart and Chris Newman, Baby Whale, Ragged Robin, Fine City, Orange Blossom Sound, The Southern Ramblers, Pete Sayers, The Radio Cowboys, The Tumbleweeds, Temporary Ferret, Pete Stanley and Roger Knowles, Stock Room Brawl, Brian Golbey, Every Day Dirt, Jim Croce

Cambridge Folk Festival 1972

The Dubliners, Artie and Happy Traum, Derrol Adams, Alex Campbell, The Boys of the Lough, Steve Tiltson, John James, Mike Cooper’s Machine Gun Co, Alex Atterson, C.O.B, Alan Taylor, Barry Dransfield, Wizz Jones, George Deacon & Marion Ross, Ralph McTell, Gillian Mcpherson, Oak, Totem, De Cameron, Jasper Carrot, Peter Bellamy, Pete Sayers, The Radio Cowboys, The Southern Ramblers, Brian Golbey, Pete Stanley & Roger Knowles, The Down County Boys, Brian Chalker’s New Frontier

Cambridge Folk Festival 1971

Rev. Gary Davis, Mimi Farina & Tom Jans, Steeleye Span, Jean Ritchie, Al Stewart, Robin & Barry Dransfield, John James, Harvey Andrews, Peter Bellamy, Mr Fox, Bill Clifton, Pete Sayers, Western Echoes, Joe Locker, Diz Disley, Gillian Mcpherson, Derek Brimstone, Tudor Lodge, Anne Briggs, John Betmead, Colin Scott

Cambridge Folk Festival 1970

The Pentangle, Mike Seeger, Martin Carthy, Stefan Grossman, Ralph McTell, The Chieftains, Joe Ann Kelly, Bridget St John,  Bob Roberts, Fred Jordan, Watt Nicoll & The Whisky Fizz, The Pentangle, Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson, Third Ear Band

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