Cambridge Folk Festival 1969

The Dubliners, The Toby Jug & Washboard, Dave & Toni Arthur, Al Stewart, Joe Locker, Derek Brimstone, Patrick Sky, Ralph McTell, Murphy and Shagnus Noel, Alex Campbell, The Young Tradition, The Johnstons, The Famous Jug Band

Cambridge Folk Festival 1968

Odetta, Tom Rush, The Pentangle, Cyril Tawney, Hedy West, The New Deal String Band, Ray & Archie Fisher, Sweeney’s Man, Bob Roberts, Stefan Grossman, Roy Harper, Packie Burn, MC’s Noel Murphy, Leon Rosselson, Derek Brimstone

Cambridge Folk Festival 1967

Tom Paxton, Alex Campbell, Tom Rush, AL Lloyd, Dorris Henderson, Young Tradition, Trevor Lucas, Nigel Denver, Judy Roderick, The Tinkers, Fred Jordon, Johnny Handle and The High Level Ranters, Skid Skidmore, The Coal Creeks

Cambridge Folk Festival 1966

Doc Watson and son Merle, The Dubliners, Cyril Tawney, Ungdom Med Ton, Louis Killen, Hedy West, The Bothyfolk Singers, Colin Wilkie & Shirley Hart, Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Isla Cameron, Bill Clifton, Sydney Carter, Alex Campbell

Cambridge Folk Festival 1965

Paul Simon, Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, Bill Clifton, Stan Kelly, Ethan Signer, Arthur Rosenbau, The Strawberry Hill Boys, Doris Henderson, Shirley Collins, Bob Davenport, Peggy Seeger, Hedy West, Isla Cameron, The Watersons, Pete Sayers

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