Cambridge Colour Talk

What is colour? How does it affect us? And what does it mean?

This special event, part of the 2018 e-Luminate Festival, aims to answer all of these questions and many more. The line up of speakers will feature much-loved physicist Helen Czerski, art historian and e-Luminate 2018 Guest Curator Dr James Fox, lighting designer Colin Ball, author Spike Bucklow and drawing the talk to a close will be artist David Batchelor talking about the use of colour in his work and thought. This promises to be an enlightening and entertaining evening that will unweave some of the riddles of the rainbow.


About the Speakers:


Dr James Fox is a well-known art historian and broadcaster of many programmes including BBC 4 'A History of Art in Three Colours' and most recently, 'The Art of Japanese Life.'


Spike Bucklow has just published a book entitled, 'Red: The Art and Science of Colour' that perfectly combines his areas of expertise as a scientist and art historian. 


Dr Helen Czerski is a physicist, author and presenter of numerous programmes, including 'Colour: The Spectrum of Science.'  In trying to answer the question  'Is the colour you see the same as the colour I see?' she posted a picture of a dress online and then asked people what colour they thought it was - causing an internet sensation in the process!


Colin Ball leads the London office of BDP’s award winning Lighting Team. From a background education in architecture Colin has worked as a Lighting Designer for 21 years where many projects have a regular use of saturated colours. Colin has developed a series of lectures that look at how Light in Faith is represented from historical, religious and psychological perspectives in architecture and contemporary art, which he has delivered across the UK, Europe, Middle East and the Americas including an international survey on the use of Blue Light. Colin's talk will be The Colour of White Light: Over 21 years of Lighting Architecture I will show how the millennial love of saturated colours has evolved into a subtle and nuanced use of light and tone to still use colours in a very translucent manner, informing what we see as White. I’ve studied in detail on how the Red and Blue components of Light have a more powerful effect on us than just our vision.

David Batchelor is an international artist working with light and colour to create amzing sculptures, his work has been exhibited at the Intra Gallery, Naples, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Autocenter, Berlin. Find out more about David and his work on his website