5 minutes with Light Artist Patrice Warrener

Tuesday 13 February 2018
(Above: Patrice Warrener's 2018 e-Luminate installation, photo credit Jordan Harris Photography)
How long have you been working within the lighting industry and creating your amazing light installations?
30 years ago I started the Chromlithe illuminations system ( about 100 illuminations )


What inspired you to create this specific installation?
The beauty and the details of the building.


Do you have a favourite city or place to create a light installation?
No, everywhere, in every city, they are something very interesting for lighting installation.


What does the average day for a light artist entail?
Conditioned by of the building size, details, etc between  one week and several months!


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to become a light artist what would it be?


What are you hoping the people feel when they see your installation for the e-Luminate Festival?
Contemplation with happiness!
Make sure you catch this evening's illuminations as today is the last day! Find out more about all of the 2018 installations HERE