Zoology Late: Acoustic Spaces / Threatened Places

Friday 31 January 2020
University Museum Of Zoology, CB2 3EJ
In one way or another all of the composers featured here are concerned with the world and their place in it.

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Therefore, a concert in the museum of Zoology – which starkly reminds us what tiny a percentage of Natural History Humans inhabit – is apt. John Luther Adams’ preoccupation with the wide-open vistas of his homeland of Alaska, Benjamin Graves’ interest in societal issues and Kaija Saariaho and Grisey’s focus on the building blocks of sound itself come together to create a concert which scrutinises what it means to be a very small member of a very large world.

Repertoire to include:
John Luther Adams The Light that Fills the World
Benjamin Graves The Visions of Elizabeth Barton (CUMS Composer in Residence 2019-20)
Kaija Saariaho Terrestre
Grisey Périodes
and new works by students of the University of Cambridge.

University of Cambridge New Music Group
Darren Bloom

Event type:
Running time:

2 hours


All running times are approximate and subject to change