Paul Giger, David James (ex Hilliard Ensemble) with vOx Chamber Choir

Friday 20 April 2018
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Contemporary Choral Music: ECM artists Paul Giger, David James (ex Hilliard Ensemble) and Marie-Louise Dähler with vOx Chamber Choir and Pudi Lehmann

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Contemporary choral works by Paul Giger including ‘O Ignis’, ‘Tropus’ , ‘Altus solo 1 and II and Media Vita in Morte Sumus


The Swiss violinist and contemporary musician Paul Giger and the counter-tenor David James (ex Hilliard Ensemble) join ECM artist Marie Louise Dähler (harpsichord) and percussionist Pudi Lehmann to perform choral works with the dynamic vOx Chamber Choir under the direction of David Crown.

Concert supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Funding and Cultural Promotion.


The astonishing ‘O Ignis’ is structured around the selfsame piece by Hildegard von Bingen. It is anchored by a gently lilting in the strings that soon flowers into a supernova of musical activity, carefully controlled by the binding threads of its voices.

‘Tropus’ is drawn from 10th century plainchant and inverts the spectrum with the violin occupying the central axis around which the other voices reveal themselves. The choir ruffles its feathers, rising from the depths with ascendant violin improvisations, adding harmonic light to an already bursting image.

‘Altus solo 1’ and Altus solo II features David James whose haunting voice hovers over the harpsichord, violin and percussion which together creates sounds of great beauty.  

Gregorian chant will open the concert which will segue into 'Karma Shadub' which is a mesmerising piece for solo violin and voice.


‘Paul Giger has created some of the most haunting music to ever grace your ears’

‘Giger is easily one of the greatest violinists of our time’ – ECM


The Swiss violinist Paul Giger has worked since 1983 as a soloist playing a repertoire that ranges from the Baroque to contemporary composition, improvisation, jazz, and music of diverse folk traditions. He has also worked with Jan Garbarek, Pierre Favre, Marie-Louise Dähler, Pudi Lehmann and the Hilliard Ensemble. Six of his albums have been released on ECM.

David James, counter-tenor has enjoyed an international career as soloist and ensemble singer. He was a founder-member of The Hilliard Ensemble, the internationally renowned vocal chamber group, performing both medieval and renaissance repertoire and contemporary works by Arvo Pärt, James MacMillan, Heinz Holliger and Jan Garbarek.

Photographer Marco Borggreve


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80 minutes