Cambridge Literary Festival presents - Paul Mason

Cambridge Literary Festival presents - Paul Mason

Wednesday 16 October 2019
Cambridge Union Society
Join us for an evening with Paul Mason, award-winning author, broadcaster and film-maker.

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Wednesday 16 October 2019 18:00

How do we preserve what makes us human in an age of uncertainty? Are we now just consumers shaped by market forces? A sequence of DNA? A collection of base instincts? Or will we soon be supplanted by algorithms and A.I. anyway? Following the phenomenal success of his internationally bestselling PostcapitalismClear Bright Future is a radical, impassioned defence of the human being, our universal rights and freedoms and our power to change the world around us. A work of radical optimism, Paul draws from economics to Big Data, neuroscience to the culture wars to argue that we are still capable – through language, innovation and co-operation – of shaping our future.


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