Cambridge Music Festival presents: Steve Reich / Drumming

Wednesday 21 November 2018
Cambridge Corn Exchange - CB2 3QE
Performed by the Colin Currie Group

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If you saw Philip Glass at CMF in 2014, or Steve Reich in 2016, you're going to love this performance of Steve Reich's drumming by the Colin Currie Group.

Reich fuses African-inspired rhythms with the urban sounds of New York to create music that cuts across genres. Performers from the worlds of rock, pop and classical have all been inspired by (and have borrowed) his music. Its constantly-shifting layers are like water running over rocks. Once you start listening, you can’t take your ears off it. Be it the soothing sounds of six marimbas or the rhythmic kick of Mats Bergström’s electric guitar, the effect is exhilarating, mesmerising and deeply moving.

Steve Reich Music for Pieces of Wood
Steve Reich Drumming (Part 1)
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint
Steve Reich Six Marimbas
Plus Music for 50 Musicians (Reich-inspired work  by 50 local young  percussionists)


“Each performance worked like a well-oiled machine... It’s the musical equivalent of a high-wire act; everyone is striving mightily to seem relaxed, but we know disaster is only one slip away.” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“The Colin Currie Group’s performance is nothing short of a powerhouse ... a visceral thrill: epic, cathartic and profoundly touching.” ARTS FUSE


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Event type:
Running time:
Steve Reich Music for Pieces of Wood: 12 mins
Steve Reich Drumming (Part 1): 15 mins
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint: 15 mins
Steve Reich Six Marimbas: 20 mins
+ Music for 50 Musicians (Reich-inspired work  by 50 local young  percussionists)
Running times are approximate and subject to change