Postponements & Cancellations

As we re-open, some events may still be cancelled. If you hold tickets to a cancelled event, rest assured your tickets are protected and we will contact you in due course about your options for a refund or, where available, re-booking to another date.

Please be patient and wait to be contacted. The phone lines remain closed and the Wheeler Street box office is open from 6 pm on performance days for ticket collections only.

If you need to contact Box Office, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as we are able. Please note, we are currently experiencing a very high volume of emails and may take a few days to get back to you.

Cambridge live


Cambridge Corn Exchange Sound Equipment
14 x L’Acoustics KARA
4 x L’Acoustics SB18 subwoofers
4 x L’Acoustics SB28 subwoofers
Front Fills:
2 x L’Acoustics 8XTi
2 x L’Acoustics 12XTi
Inputs to PA accessible from FOH mix positions or stage left
5 x L’Acoustics KARA (Summed mono centre balcony cluster)
5 x L’Acoustics 8XTi (2 x Mezzanine, 3 x Rear Balcony)
Powered by:
6 x LA8 Amplification
1 x LA4 Amplification
•10 x Adlib Audio MP4
1 x Adlib Audio drum sub
Powered by:
9 x Crown XTI6002 Amplification
• 4 x EVSX200 – Powered by Crown pulse Amplification
1 x MIDAS Pro 2 64 channel x 27 bus digital audio mixing system (console features: 8 mic/ line inputs, 16 analogue outputs, 2 AES inputs and 3 AES outputs) with 1 x DL251 remote stage (stage box consisting of 48 mic/ line inputs, 16 output), and 48-way passive monitor splits
1 x Midas Venice 24/4/2 – 16 Mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 4 aux out analogue mixing desk.
1 x Shure Beta91A
1 x Shure Beta52
3 x Sennheiser e604
1 x Shure Beta SM58
10 x Shure SM58
8 x Shure SM57
1 x AKG D112
2 x AKG 414 B-XSL
4 x AKG Blue line SE300B – CK91
1 x AKG Emotion Series Drum Mic Kit
6 x Audio-Technica Pro 45
1 x Crown PCC 160
2 x Sennheiser ME66
2 x Sennheiser ME80
1 x Audio-Technica 815b
2 x Audio-Technica es935 lectern microphones (with 2 x K&M lectern clamps)
12 x Studio Spares Active DI boxes
6 x Sennheiser EW300 G3 Radio Rack
2 x Sennheiser EW100 G3 Radio Rack
6 x EW300 G3 belt pack
2 x EW100 G3 belt pack
5 x EW300 G3 Hand Held
2 x EW100 G3 Hand Held
6 x Countryman E6 headsets