Information for Customers with Disabilities and Access Requirements

The Cambridge Corn Exchange and Cambridge Live Tickets Box Office are designed to cater for the needs of all our customers, including those with disabilities. If you have any questions not answered in this section, or suggestions about what would make it more helpful, please email or call on 01223 357851 *Monday-Friday, between 10am-5pm. *Please note, due to staffing availability, there may be times we are not able to open phonelines during our stated hours. If we are not open, please email with your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Corn Exchange seating

We have wheelchair and disabled access seats reserved on both the flat floor (rows O and R) and in the boxes (Hirsch and Salisbury boxes). We also have a row reserved for visually impaired customers (row K). During standing performances the accessible seats are in the boxes. Customers attending in wheelchairs or customers with disabilities are also welcome to purchase tickets in the standing area (please note: there is not a viewing platform in this area), please contact the Box Office if you have any queries about attending in this area. 
Access to all other seating areas includes:
From ground floor to the tiered seating = 1-10 steps
From ground floor to the Mezzanine = 16 steps
From ground floor to the balcony seats = 31 steps and a further 35 steps depending on the row. (There is not a lift to the balcony)
From ground floor to the boxes = 19 steps (There is a lift to these seats).
Seat dimensions:
Flat floor - 43cm(w) x 40cm(d)
Tiered – 41cm(w) x 43cm(d)
Mez – 43cm(w) x 40cm(d)
Balcony – 38cm(w) x 40cm(d)
The availability of the accessible seats is subject to the event.

There is level access entry to the building, to the performance area and to the accessible toilets. Entrance to the front of the building is slightly elevated, however there is a drop curb and ramp access. There is a second door (door B), at the end of the passage next to the Corn Exchange, which has level access.

Access to the Box Office
The Box Office for the Corn Exchange is called Cambridge Live Tickets and is located left of the venue, two doors down (next to the restaurant Steak & Honour.)
The Cambridge Live Tickets Box Office is currently closed, however, when there is a performance taking place the Box Office opens at 6pm (or an hour before a matinee starts) and closes half an hour after the start time (or until 9pm for standing performance.) 
Here is a summary of Box Office features:
  •     Lowered kerb providing level access
  •     Automatic sliding doors to Box Office
  •     Large print seating plans
  •     A lowered counter
  •     An induction loop
  •     Wi-Fi
Booking tickets
Tickets can be booked over the phone (number and opening hours above), in person or online. 

If you haven’t booked accessible tickets online with us before, please email us* at to request we adjust your account in order to make it possible for you to complete online accessible bookings. Once we have amended your account, you will be able to view and book accessible seating and essential companion tickets once logged into your account.

*These requests can also be made via phone (01223 357851), please note the opening hours listed at the top of this page.

How to book accessible tickets via our website

Once your account is tagged you will be able to view accessible seating options on the seating plans. Please note, it is important to be logged into your account before viewing the seating plans. The seating will look similar to this for seated shows: 

The wheelchair icon is for customers using wheelchairs/with disabilities and the 'C' icon is for essential companions. The 'V' icon is both for customers with visual impairments and their companions. If your disability does not mean you have limited mobility then of course you are welcome to book elsewhere in the venue and still have access to a free essential companion if required. For standing events the accessible seating will appear in the box(es) only, though the standing area can be booked for wheelchair users/customers with disabilities if you are comfortable with this option. There is not a viewing platform in the standing area. 

After selecting your tickets you will be presented with a summary of what you have chosen, here you will find a drop down with different ticket types including 'disabled access concession, essential companion and wheelchair user.' Please select the one(s) appropriate to you and continue with your booking. The essential companion ticket will discount to £0 when on the final screen just before payment, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't discount right away. 

People with a long-term disability are entitled to a free Essential Companion ticket. Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer multiple Essential Companion tickets via our website, so please contact the Box Office to arrange this if required. For any help with your accessible enquiries please contact the Box Office. Please note: we are currently working on making accessible tickets available to book online, so not all shows will have this facility. A note will be placed on the event page if this is the case.
Venue Toilets
We have two accessible toilets in our venue. One located at the front of the building and the other at back end. Both toilets are wide enough for wheelchairs and powerchairs to get through and are complete with grab rails.
Venue Bars
There are two bars at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, both of which have lowered counters; the main bar in the foyer and the upstair bar (which can be accessed easily from the Hirsch and Sailsbury boxes.)
Hearing Loop Facilities

There is an infra-red hearing enhancement system which can be used either with, or without a hearing aid.  The system only works in the auditorium and balcony. The headphones and receiver can be obtained from the steward at the Customer Services Desk. No deposit is required but the stewards will ask for your name and seat number”

There are 6 sets available which consist of, a headset, receiver and neck loop.

There are certain areas within the auditorium where the system doesn’t work:-

Rows S to Z, seats 1 to 8 (House Right), at the rear of the auditorium.

Rows XF to XK

Rows O to R, seats 1 to 4

Using the system with a hearing aid

Headphones are attached to the receiver and then worn in a similar fashion to a personal stereo. For those customers with hearing aids without a T setting, we suggest using this system with headphones but removing your hearing aid whilst inside the auditorium. The loop should be placed around the customer’s neck and attached to the receiver.  The receiver should remain uncovered at all times, in order to pick up the signal.  They can use channels 0 - 4 to receive the sound.  The volume can be controlled on the receiver.

Using the system without a hearing aid

The headphones should be attached to the receiver and worn in similar fashion to a personal stereo.  The receiver should remain uncovered at all times, in order to pick up the signal.  They can use channels 0 - 4 to receive the sound.  The volume can be controlled on the receiver.

NGT Relay
We are registered with NGT Relay, for more information please visit:
Parking and getting to the venue
The Cambridge Corn Exchange does not have a carpark, however the nearest carpark is the Grand Arcade carpark next door to the venue. There are 35 blue badge bays available and it is open 24 hours. Further information can be found here.
All Stagecoach buses are wheelchair accessible. Information about timetables can be found here.
The nearest taxi rank to the venue is on St Andrew's Street, approximately a 3-minute walk from the venue. Taxis will also be able to drop off and collect from outside the venue where there is a lowered curb and ramp access.
Assistance dog facilities
Assistance dogs are welcome at our venue.
Checklist when making a booking
When booking your tickets it would assist us if you could provide as much relevant information as possible. This will enable us to offer you maximum comfort and enjoyment when you visit the venue.
Here is a helpful checklist of things to consider when booking a ticket. Please let us know:
·         whether you wish to remain in your wheelchair or use an auditorium seat.
·         if you would like to use our manual wheelchair.
·         where you would like a companion to sit - either alongside you or behind you.
·         if you wish to sit in one of the boxes during a normal seated show.
·         whether you require assistance if you are visually impaired.
·         whether you wish to have your guide dog in the auditorium with you during the performance or taken care of by a member of staff.
An access guide for the Cambridge Corn Exchange can also be viewed here: