Cambridge Live Tickets

  1. The Star & Mouse Picture Show Open Air Cinema presents: Battle of the Sexes (12A)

    Bring your friends, sit back and relax in a deckchair with a glass of Pimm’s whilst enjoying the biographical comedy ‘Battle of the Sexes’ (2017).
    Saturday 13 July 2019
  2. The Star & Mouse Picture Show Open Air Cinema presents: Cadillac Records (15)

    Enjoy the award-winning biographical drama ‘Cadillac Records’ (2008) at our open-air cinema in the spectacular setting of Madingley Hall Gardens.
    Sunday 4 August 2019
  3. Bodywork Company Presents The Ballet Showcase

    Bodywork Theatre School presents Mary Poppins, Cinderella and some Family Film Favourites.
    Friday 26 July 2019
  4. Bodywork Company Presents The NO:1 Show

    Bodywork Theatre School presents Kids at Bodywork 2019!
    Friday 26 July 2019
  5. HENRY BLOFELD COMMENTATES! D-Day 75th anniversary T20 match

    Relish the gusto of Henry Blofeld’s enthusiastic commentary, our Dear Old Thing from BBC’s Test Match Special, and get operational with soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment.
    Sunday 7 July 2019