Postponements & Cancellations

As we re-open, some events may still be cancelled. If you hold tickets to a cancelled event, rest assured your tickets are protected and we will contact you in due course about your options for a refund or, where available, re-booking to another date.

Please be patient and wait to be contacted. The Wheeler Street box office remains closed for the time being and phone lines are not available. If you need to contact Box Office, please send an email to and we will respond as we are able.

Cambridge live


Cambridge Corn Exchange
Chamsys MQ80 with Wing
Control positions available: lighting box, rear auditorium and on stage prompt side
House lights under separate control from same positions
44 x 2.5kw Strand LD 90
DMX breakouts available for installation of additional equipment
32 x 1K Fresnels
20 x CCT Freedom 15/32 zoom profiles (n.b. 12 normally rigged on FOH bridge)
2 x CCT Freedom 28/58 zoom profiles
48 x Par 64 (CP62)
Some Irises and gobo holders available for profiles. Barn doors on all fresnels.
8 X Chauvet R3 wash
8 X VL2600 profile
Grid and outlet plan available on request.
15 x 500kg motorised winch bars inclusive of…
2 x 40' 24 way IWB (500kg motorised winch bars) and
2 x 40' 18 way IWB (500kg motorised winch bars)
Maximum height from stage to grid 7.4m
40’ 12way fixed advance bar at 6.3m
Side bars (patched IWB) on stage at 6m and in auditorium at 7m
FOH bridge height 11.3m, 12.2m from stage front.
FOH bridge 1 x 12 way IWB
2 X Robert Juliet Manon Follow Spots. (Situated directly under FOH Bridge at 8m from floor height, Please note these are restricted for use by house operators only. Two further follow spot positions are available at the rear of the balcony for touring spots and operators, powered by a 32A supply or 2 x 16A per side. Please note - use of these positions will reduce seating capacity and may lower your gross. Please let us know before tickets go on sale if these are needed)
Tallescope working height up to 30'6"
Zarges ladder, double extension ladder and step ladders.
1 x 13' loading ramp.
Unique 2 hazer.