Technical information

Please note that the information contained within these technical pages is aimed specifically at companies requiring technical information on the building. However, if you are interested in the specifications of the building - read on!

You can contact Chris Norton our technical manager by emailing 



  • Full stage (two extensions) Width 15.8m Depth 9.5m
  • With one extension Width 15.8m Depth 7m
  • Fixed stage Width 15.8m Depth 4.9m 
  • Stage Height 1m

Download a scale drawing of the Cambridge Corn Exchange

Please note the stage size affects the audience capacity if your event is booked in on a smaller stage size it will not be possible to use the full stage once the show has gone on sale.

More about: drapes, dance floor, and dressing rooms.



  • Stage to grid 7.8m
  • Stage to gantry 6.3m
  • Smallest dimensions; Width 2.1m

Get in

  • Smallest dimensions; Width 2.16m
  • Height 2.42m

Temporary power

  • All temporary supplies located stage left.
  • Lighting- 3 Phase Power Lock 250A per phase. Three Phase 125A CEE form outlet.  Three Phase 63A & 32A CEE form outlets.
  • Sound - Three Phase 125A per phase.  Three Phase 63A & 32A CEE form outlets. Single phase 63A & 32A CEE form outlets. 
  • Distribution systems can be arranged for exhibitions etc, please contact technical department.

Follow spots

  • These are restricted for use by house operators only.
  • 2 X Robert Juliet Manon Follow Spots. Two follow spot positions are available at the rear of the balcony for touring spots and operators, 32A or 2 x 16A supply per side. Please note - use of these positions will reduce seating capacity and may lower your gross. Please let us know before tickets go on sale if these are needed.

Mixer position

Stand up shows at rear left of auditorium approx. 19m from stage. Maximum 7.5m x 4m. Exact position and size to be determined by Duty technician/Duty Manager on day of show. Seated shows at rear centre block of seating 14m from full stage. Maximum 3 rows of 14 seats. Please note - if larger control positions are required this will affect the capacity. Please ensure the correct size is reserved at time of contract as it will not be possible to increase the space available once the show has gone on sale.

Stand up shows at rear left of auditorium approx. 19m from stage. Maximum 16' x 8'. Exact position and size to be determined by duty technician/duty manager on day of show. Seated shows at rear centre block of seating 14m from full stage. Maximum 3 rows of 14 seats.


Only Corn Exchange crew can be used for load-ins/outs please contact us for current rates.

Truck access and parking

There are special arrangements with the Police regarding access for articulated trucks please let us know if you have not already been informed of these. Parsons Court is a fire escape, there is no parking allowed at anytime, and there is no access for loading and unloading whilst the public are in the building. Coaches, cars and small trucks can be parked on the 'exhibition site' adjacent to the Corn Exchange, space allowing.Please notify us in advance if you require this site.

Control Of Noise At Work Regulations 2005

We are required to comply with these regulations, in order to do so events must abide by the guidelines laid out in the Home Office guide to Safety and Welfare at Pop Concerts, with regard to sound levels. We reserve the right to monitor levels at events and to insist on reductions in levels if we deem necessary. 

Pyrotechnics, smoke machines, naked flame, COSHH, lasers

Please provide any details of pyrotechnics, smoke effects or the use of naked flame at least 14 days in advance, so appropriate authorisation may be obtained. Details of all substances falling under the COSHH regulations must be provided at least 14 days in advance.

Lasers, form PM19 must be sent to the technical manager 28 days in advance, so approval from the Health and Safety Officer may be obtained. We reserve the right to disallow the use of any pyrotechnics / lasers or effects, if in our opinion they may be unsafe.

Drapes, backdrops, scenery

We are an open stage with no safety curtain, please ensure any scenery, drapes or backdrops are fire resistant to the appropriate level. Certificates will be required for any plastic or foam based materials. We reserve the right to carry out controlled flame tests and to disallow the use of materials that in our opinion may not be durably flame retardant. We have a full set of black masking flats legs and borders please contact us for details.

House sound and lighting

Radio microphones

We are licensed for Radio Microphone frequencies for fixed site and indoor use, these are: (MHZ) 173.7-175.1; 176.4; 177.0; 583.355, to 586.835; 588.300 to 589.250 Channel 69 for indoor use - channels from within the frequency range 856.100 - 859.65MHz provided all primary transmissions are contained within this band. All equipment to be type approved to MPT 1350. Maximum power 10 mW hand held, 50mW bodyworn.

Radio mics. of higher power or any other frequencies are not permitted for use at the Corn Exchange. Channel 69 frequencies for general use (Appendix D) and frequencies available on independent film makers licences, UK general (Appendix F) may be used if you hold a licence or permit, we require to see copies of licences or permits before the equipment may be used. Radio mics. of higher power or any other frequencies are illegal and are not permitted for use at the Corn Exchange.

Flying and rigging

Grid plans and rigging point plans are available on request. The Corn Exchange is a listed building, please follow the duty technician's advice with regard to loads . Please note: only specified rigging points may be used. The maximum load per point is 500kg and all loads MUST be evenly distributed. All riggers must be competent and experienced, and must carry their own insurance. All work must be carried out to current guidelines and legislation, and any lifting equipment used must have a current test certificate. All points must have independent fire resistant safeties, if these are not provided the Corn Exchange may provide and a charge will be made per point. There is a tensioned line "Latchway" system which must be used by all riggers ; details will be provided on arrival. The duty technician may disallow rigging at his discretion.

Electrical equipment

All electrical equipment, must be in good condition, with appropriate protective circuits and must be wired in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations. RCD protection must be provided on all 13A or sound distribution outlets. Equipment and staff must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, in particular in respect to the use and testing of Portable Appliances and certification produced for inspection. DO NOT bring equipment which does not comply with the above. The duty technician may require testing of any equipment that does not appear in good order or shows no certification - a charge for this service may be levied.

Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1992 and Manual Handling Regulations 1992

Please ensure your assessments under these and associated regulations are submitted to us no more than 14 days before your event.Please note - we must also insist on the following points

  • Please respect that the Duty Technician's decision on any matter regarding Health and Safety or our licensing conditions is final.
  • We reserve the right to disallow the use of any electrical or rigging equipment, or substances that in our opinion may be dangerous.
  • We reserve the right to charge for facilities, staffing or equipment in excess to those specified in our contract.