Horrible Christmas: the reviews are in!

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Horrible Christmas opened on Monday 14 December at the Corn Exchange and the reviews are now in! The show is on at the Corn Exchange until Saturday 9 January. For more information or to book tickets, click here.

Cambridge News

“you’re in for a far from horrible evening”
“Certainly funnier than any history lesson we can remember”
“Christmas trivia was seamlessly wedged into songs, dances and turkeys alongside other historical facts we simply didn't know.”

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Cambridge Edition

"The show is jampacked with brilliant, catchy tunes, hilarious jokes, and lots and lots of audience participation"
"Fancy getting the family into the festive spirit, and learning a bit about the history of Christmas along the way? Then you can’t go wrong with a trip to see Horrible Christmas at Cambridge Corn Exchange."

Read the full review here.

Local Secrets

"a riot, with brilliantly over-the-top costumes and fab lighting bolted to humour aimed at kids, including a lot of bottom jokes, and of course some pretty horrible history."

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