5 minutes with CBSO Sub-Principal Cellist, Miguel Fernandes

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Next week the City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra arrives at the Cambridge Corn Exchange for the latest instalment in the 2017/18 Classical Concert Series. Sub-Principal CellIist Miguel Fernandes (above) took 5 minutes out of his busy day to answer a few of our burning questions ahead of the concert.


How long have you been performing with the CBSO?
I started to work as a member of the CBSO on the 2nd of October 2017.


What’s the best piece of advice you could give to a young musician?
I would say four different points:
1- It is very important to work hard;
2- Always have targets, both short and long term, which will helps to keep yourself motivated and focused;
3- Be humble;
4- Enjoy what you do


Do you have a favourite composer and why?
They are too many, I can’t say one, and it wouldn’t be fair.
Outside of classical music do you enjoy listening to any other genres of music?
I like to listen jazz music, while I am not working.


Do you have a favourite piece of music to perform and why?
As I answer before about the composers, it’s the same, I don’t have a specific piece I like, so it’s hard to just pick up one.


Do you have a favourite venue or City to perform in?
I really enjoyed performing at the Elbphilharmonie in Humburg. But at the same time I feel that’s a privilege when we play at our venue Symphony Hall in Birmingham, which is fabulous too! 


What can people expect to see when they come to see the City of Birmingham Orchestra perform in January?
You can expect a great concert, where everyone is engaged and working for the same purpose by giving something personal to the music/concert in itself. 

You can see Miguel performing with the CBSO on Thursday 18 January at the Corn Exchange– To book tickets to the concert please click HERE