The darkest time of year in Cambridge will be brightened by two creative projects: Winter Brights and Window Wanderland.

Winter Programme includes:

Cambridge Light Show at the Guildhall  14th - 27th February 2022 | 6:30pm-9pm | 9 mins |

(Photo: Doubletake Projections © 2022)

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The Cambridge Light Show at the Guildhall will aim to celebrate the Cambridge community, acknowledging some of the city’s history, industry, diversity, values and achievements.

The Guildhall façade will be the canvas for an 8 minute film combining dynamic animation and archive imagery celebrating the evolution of the community through themes including, equality and inclusion, education, economy, creativity and culture and youth. With an ambient soundtrack featuring sounds and music inspired by the city, the film content is being produced by Double Take Projections, specialists in projection mapping who’ve created projections for St. Pauls Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle and Royal Albert Docks. This will be an opportunity to brighten the dark winter evenings for visitors to the Market Square.

Presented on a loop, every evening from 14 – 27 February 6:30pm – 9pm, the film will feature imagery that resonates with local residents and provide as welcome to visitors.  Viewers can expect to see archival images of the community from the near and distant past, as well as local sites, and animations representing activities the city is known for.

The projection will create an arresting moment that contributes to the reanimation of the city centre, and celebrates its residents.

Corn Exchange Light Installation - Currently on display 

The Corn Exchange light installations were provided with support from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough combined Authority Welcome Back Fund.

Kidmas Lights Displayed during Christmas 2021

(Image of Kidsmas Lights winners with Cllr Russ McPherson and Carole, the Mayor and Mayoress of Cambridge)

Winter Brights will see two LED-light displays designed by schoolchildren from Queen Emma and Queen Edith primary schools installed in local shops, a ‘Kidsmas’ display that will complement the Christmas tree and other festive displays around Queen Edith’s ward. Kays Chemist and The Coffee House on Wulfstan Way have generously supported the project by hosting lights throughout the Christmas period.

Arbury Court Lighting Installation - Monday 7th - 20th March 2022 (EXTENDED FROM 17th JANUARY)

With winter months providing early darkness each evening, it gives the perfect opportunity to install some lighting to brighten up people's local areas. Working together with Mushroom Lighting, we aim to provide some effective lighting in Arbury Court and at Cambridge Gurdwara.

Window Wanderland - Monday 10th - 23rd January 2022 

(Image by Chris Boland from Window Wanderland January 2021)

Head over to our Window Wanderland page HERE to find out more.