Malin Lewis

Malin Lewis is a queer bagpiper, fiddler, instrument maker and award winning composer.
One of Scotland’s most exciting innovators, Malin melds West coast tradition with a newly invented, self-made bagpipe. Hair tingling, philosophical and dance inducing melodies inspired by European folk traditions, humans, queerness and the universe.
Having performed in Canada, Europe and across the UK, Malin releases their long awaited debut album Halocline on Hudson Records, May 2024. Halocline began as a New Voices commission 2023 and sold out at Celtic Connections. Drawing its name from the halocline, a visible layer of water formed between saltwater and freshwater, the stunning body of work symbolises Malin’s existence as a trans person in a space of inspiration and individuality between a binary.
Malin's unique sound is born from the deep connection that comes with composing for and making their own instrument. Joined by Ali Hutton (guitar) and Sally Simpson (fiddle) Malin plays highland pipes, fiddle and a newly invented two octave bagpipe that creates a whole new world of sound.

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