Fraser Anderson

Fraser Anderson's debut album, "and the Girl with the Strawberry...", which received critical acclaim in 2003, was recorded in a friend's bedroom between a mattress and a wall. His second album, "Coming Up For Air," was also well-received, with BBC R2's Bob Harris calling it "truly beautiful" in 2006. After moving to rural France and performing at local village concerts, he released his third studio album, "Little Glass Box," in 2010, featuring Danny Thompson on double bass. He supported Joan Armatrading, The Low Anthem, Pete Doherty, Niccolo Fabi, The Christians and Chuck Berry on his 2010 European tour. He then returned to the UK in 2013 and released his fourth studio album, "Under the Cover of Lightness," which was praised by MSN and BBC Radio Ulster. His new album, "All We Are," released in March 2023, explores human connection, vulnerability, and our responsibility to each other and the world. Fraser is known for his emotional performances and poetic honesty, and he seeks to strip away the distractions of life and focus on what truly matters: love and connection.

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