"Syd Barrett - A Celebration" Film Night

Friday 21 October 2016
Cambridge Guildhalls
Cambridge Live teams up with Cambridge Film Festival for film premiere as part of Syd Barrett Celebrations

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Cambridge Live has announced that it is teaming up with the 36th Cambridge Film Festival and Cambridge Film Trust to to present a specially curated film night. The evening will include a series of short films about Syd Barrett, and the world premiere of Get All That Ant?, a documentary film about the Swinging Sixties. The free form documentary made by Barrett’s former school friend and fellow art student, Anthony Stern, featuring unique documentary footage and images of the 60s that have never been seen before.

The evening will run as follows:

7pm - 'A Very Special Thing To Me: Syd Barrett And The Early Pink Floyd On Film' (90 mins)

Don’t miss this unique, one-off film programme, celebrating the maverick psychedelic renegade, Syd Barrett. Fusing catchy, natural melodies with jagged experimental guitar play in extended jams with

the nascent Pink Floyd, Barrett was a true sonic innovator, and a whimsical lyricist, burning briefly but oh so brightly before fading from public view. But tonight we see his beautiful face once again! Classic
early Floyd promos, raw live BBC appearances, lysergic underground psychedelic films and rare pieces made by close friends in the London counter-culture will all be writ large on the big screen, taking us that bit closer to how the Sixties Floyd were meant to be experienced – as a spectacular, bold, bright audio-visual phenomenon.

Of special note to Barrett fans will be Psychedelia. Kevin Whitney’s Andy Warhol-esque two-screen film featuring the fragile flower child in 1969, plus Anthony Stern’s Iggy the Eskimo Girl where you will see red double-deckers whizzing by as Barrett’s then-girlfriend cavorts joyously in the bright summer sun. Come hear the sounds! Come see the sights! One of Cambridge’s very own, we miss you, Syd – and salute you.

Introduced and programmed by William Fowler, curator BFI National Archive.
  • Pink Floyd London 1966/67
    Directed by Peter Whitehead.
  • Iggy the Eskimo Girl
    Directed by Anthony Stern
  • Psychedelia
    Directed by Kevin Whitney.
  • Arnold Layne
    Directed by Derek Nice.
Plus more to be confirmed.

9pm - GATA: GET ALL THAT ANT? + SAN FRANCISCO  UK 2015. 82 mins. + UK 1968 15 mins.
Directed by Anthony Stern.

Anthony Stern was a good friend of Syd Barrett’s, exhibiting paintings alongside those of the Floyd leader at the Lion and Lamb pub in Milton, Cambridgeshire in the early 1960s. Stern also worked with cult director Peter Whitehead, and he shot a series of his own vibrant, playful 16mm works, all infused both with the energy of the psychedelic lightshow and the spirit of French New Wave. Tonight we present GATA: Get All That, Ant?, an intense new trip into the heart of the most swinging of decades – as visualised through Stern’s stunning archive.

Pulsing, kinetic 16mm memories collide with candid photographs of far out friends and ace faces including Cream, Jagger, Hendrix, Morrison, plus incredible unseen footage of The Floyd at the UFO club, all relaxed and showing off the sharp psychedelic fashions of the age. Richly reflecting a pleasurable personal view that is extremely evocative and generous, Stern’s new work burrows deep into the brain, drawing out distinct feelings of wonder, but also loss. Join us for its very special, first ever public screening tonight. Also included is the Stern’s mind-bending San Francisco from 1968, featuring a driving, unreleased version of the Floyd’s seminal Interstellar Overdrive.

The documentary feature is made up of film footage, stills and archive footage taken during the 1960s and filmed in Cambridge, London and San Francisco. With the majority of footage having never been seen before, the film includes live performance footage and stills from The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd and Donovan as well as footage of friends and colleagues of Syd Barrett including Iggy Rose, the girl on The Madcap Laughs album sleeve.

Please note the film does not feature music from any of the bands featured in the film.

This event is proudly part of Cambridge Film Festival

Celebratory Concert at Cambridge Corn Exchange

The film premiere and walking tours are part of a series of previously announced celebratory events about former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett centered around the unveiling of a piece of public art, commissioned in collaboration with Syd Barrett’s family, on Thursday 27 October inside the Cambridge Corn Exchange (the location of his final ever live performances). Following the art unveiling is a live concert entitled ‘Syd Barrett – A Celebration’ featuring Swedish group Men on the Border backed by the Sandviken Symphony Orchestra, with lighting from original Pink Floyd lighting designer Peter Wynne-Wilson.

For more info and tickets for the concert please click here



Walking Tours

In addition to the film premiere, Cambridge Live has teamed up with ISpySydinCambridge.com who are offering Syd Barrett-themed walking tours of Cambridge on the weekend of the concert. Led by former school friends of Syd Barrett, Stephen Pyle and Warren Dosanjh, the tours trace some of the key places in the city relevant to the life of the former Pink Floyd guitarist including his former family home, his school,  as well as David Gilmour and Roger Water’s ’s family homes.

For more info and tickets for the walking tours please click here


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