Our Girl

Saturday 9 March 2019
Unitarian Church, Emmanuel Road, CB1 1JW
Green Mind Promotions present Our Girl at the Unitarian Church.

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Our Girl have released their debut album Stranger Today. This is a record that has been rumoured for a while and had a load of hype levelled at it. But it not only lives up to it, but it surpasses it. This is even more impressive considering that the band doesn’t have a lot of time to write, practice and record as other bands, see above; jobs and life get in the way of the creative process.
Stranger Today opens with ‘Our Girl’. After a psych influenced intro, a blistering guitar and tight rhythm section courtesy of Lauren Wilson and Josh Tyler explodes from the speakers. As the song winds and skews you are gently pulled in to the band's skew-whiff and fuzzy world view. ‘Being Around’ is up next, chugging guitars and husky vocals are the order of the day before, possible, the guitar riff of the album erupts, shaking the song to its core.
‘In My Head’ follows suit with its baggy rhythms and huge sing-a-long chorus, and faster and faster outro. ‘I Really Like It’ is the first indication that Our Girl can write pop infused songs with its catchy verse/chorus/verse set-up and a captivating guitar riff to boot.
The real power of Stranger Today is the connection between Nathan and her guitar. At times they are pulling against each other. Nathan croons softly and gently, while it sounds like she’s torturing her instrument and effects pedals. Then a moment later, they are both in unison and everything around you loses perspective and fades into background. This is evident in ‘Josephine’. The vocals are emotive and visceral, and the guitar matches, until its elongated and lurid outro starts up. This feels like a classic end of album wig out, but you then realise its only track five, and there are six more left. You immediately question, and get excited about, what’s still to come.
Each track hits you like a beautiful wave. As the songs build, their current pulls you under; if they want to pummel you, there is very little you can do. If they want to give you a slightly melodic respite to catch your breath, ‘Level’ and ‘Sub Rosa’, then you just go with it. ‘Two Life’ features one of the stand out moments on ‘Stranger Today’. A hypnotic riff builds and builds until it’s an all-consuming beast." Drownedinsound.com
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