Lydian Collective: Cambridge Jazz Festival

Sunday 25 November 2018
Cambridge University Centre: Wine Bar
The 2018 Cambridge Jazz Festival presents Lydian Collective

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Lydian Collective is an exciting 4-piece instrumental group formed by composer / producer Aaron Wheeler (aka Laszlo) and fellow producer and guitarist Todd Baker. Described as "blissfully different", their refreshing brand of original fusion-based music is rich in harmony and groove, showcasing the diversity and depth of their compositional skill and musicianship. Aaron and Todd are joined by an impressive rhythm section, featuring in-demand drummer Sophie Alloway, and the talented Ida Hollis on Bass.
​The Lydian Collective sound is a unique combination of accessible melodies, accomplished musicianship, hypnotic rhythms and an uplifting vibe, which has already been drawing in audiences from around the world. A unique combination of jazz musicianship, melodies that catch the ear and the heart, and infectious rhythms is brought together to winning effect on their first single release “Thirty One”, which will be followed quickly by "Legend of Lumbar" and "Cascades" in 2017 – and the debut album “Adventure” in March 2018.
" may prove to be the best instrumental album you hear this year." - 4/5*


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