The Library Presents: Just an Ordinary Lawyer

Friday 19 June 2020
Histon Library, CB24 9JE
The Library Presents: Just an Ordinary Lawyer

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Friday 19 June 2020 19:30
Tayo Aluko plays the ordinary lawyer, a Nigerian cricket-mad musician and legal pioneer. Tunji Sowande, the lawyer, quietly breaks through multiple barriers to become Britain’s first black judge in 1978. He recalls heroic sporting achievements alongside epoch-defining political events as they affect the Black world from Africa to the USA and Britain; all from the point of view of one who would rather watch sports and spread love and peace through song. This is a fascinating show that interweaves politics, music and Sowande’s abiding passion, cricket. Performed by Tayo Aluko who brought the highly acclaimed and multi-award winning Call Mr Robeson to libraries in 2019.
‘Could not be faulted.’
‘Amazing. High quality. Felt like I was at the Edinburgh Fringe.’
‘Fantastic performance.’
Audience members of ‘Call Mr Robeson’ by Tayo Aluko at Histon Library


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Running time:
1 hour 30 minutes followed by an interval and 15 minute Q&A
Approximate and subject to change