Indus Festival: Words, Music & Poetry

Sunday 3 March 2019
Storey's Field Centre, Eddington, Cambridge (Just off Huntingdon Road)
KALEEM SHIEKH - vocal with Tarsem Singh on tabla and Surjeet Singh on sarangi: Introduction to the history of Ghazals and a Performance.

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Kaleem Sheikh is a London based singer/musician, musicologist, and Indian film and poetry expert. Ustad Sultan Khan trained him in Indian Classical music.
FIVE NOTES OF THE RAGA – A book by Dr Bhaskar Das Gupta: The book is about Indian Music and History. Dr Bhaskar Das Gupta’s obsession with music and Indian classical cultural heritage was nurtured by his childhood as depicted by the short story ‘ Five Noted of the Raga within this book. Music has maintained pole position within a wider curiosity for all strands of Indian culture; inspired by heroes such as Ashoka, Akbar, Jayadev, Kabir, Tagore and Nazrul.


DEEPA HATTANGADY KARNAD - Khyal vocal with Talvin Singh on tabla and Gurbaksh Singh Matharu -dilruba
A rising star on the horizons of the Indian Classical music, Deepa has spent many years pursuing Hindustani Vocal under the tutelage of esteemed Gurus including the distinguished guru of Agra Gharana, Vidushi Smt. Lalith. J. Rao of Bengaluru. Endowed with a mellifiuous and expressive voice, Deepa is appreciated for her keen sense of aesthetics and traditional nuances.
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120 minutes

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