Gemma Cairney: Cambridge Literary Festival

Gemma Cairney: Cambridge Literary Festival

Saturday 22 April 2017
Cambridge Union Chamber
BBC Radio 1 presenter, TV personality, journalist and teen ambassador Gemma Cairney OPEN's up to talk about how magic and messed up life can be: from mental health to families to first love, and everything in between.

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Gemma Cairney is an important advocate for young people and between her life experiences and her personal insight from her time as BBC Radio 1's resident agony aunt on The Surgery, she is perfectly placed to offer hope to young people (and the people that love them) questioning what life's all about or dealing with hard times.
Chaired by Alice Wroe, founder of Herstory, a project that uses feminist art to engage people of all genders with women's history (@herstory_uk)
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60 Minutes