Friends Curatorial Morning - Money, Art and War: Treasures of the Department of Coins and Medals with Martin Allen and Adrian Popescu

Tuesday 19 February 2019
The Fitzwilliam Museum
Credit: Edward III gold noble of the 1350s from the Chesterton Lane Corner hoard

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The Fitzwilliam Museum has one of the greatest collections of coins and medals in the world, and it is a leading centre of research in the subject. We have superb collections of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and medieval coins, and we are also actively engaged in acquiring modern coins, medals and banknotes.
The ancient coins include many outstanding examples of ancient Greek art, and Roman coins of great historical importance. The collection of medieval European coins is the best in the world overall, largely due to the great generosity of the late Professor Philip Grierson in donating about 20,000 coins, but with many other significant collections and finds, including a hoard of nearly 2,000 medieval coins from Chesterton Lane Corner. There are many important art medals from the Renaissance and more recent times, and a superb collection of military medals donated by the family of the late Lester Watson.
The morning will be led by Dr Martin Allen, Senior Assistant Keeper Coins and Medals, and Dr Adrian Popescu, the Keeper of Coins and Medals. It will include a behind-the-scenes visit to the Department of Coins and Medals, and an opportunity to see and handle some of the department’s most interesting objects.
Running time:
10:15 - 13:00
Meet in the Seminar Room at 10:15
Running times are approximate and subject to change