2019 Reviews

The Times - ★★★★ 
'...this was emphatically a festival of old masters showing the youngsters a few tricks.'
BBC News - 'Thousands of music fans have gathered at the 55th Cambridge Folk Festival.' 
Hunt's Post - 'Music that is a privilege to hear'
Folk Radio - 'Folk music at its collaborative, inclusive, communal, spiritual, uplifting and joyous best.'
Fatea - 'Every year I think Cambridge can't get better, but it always does.'
Gig Review - 'I was floating on a cloud of acoustic beauty on a sunny summers evening.'

'Massive fun for a 7 year old and her mother.' - online comment

'I felt that the lineup this year was fantastic, even better than last year.' - Facebook comment

'I had a blast as always!' - Facebook  comment

'My 34th consecutive Folk Festival Although I’ve been to around 40 in total. Looking forward to my 35th on the bounce in 2020' - Twitter comment

'I always enjoy our time at the festival everything ran so smoothly ' - online comment

'Absolute class!!! Every year never Fails!  counting down the days already to next years.!' - Twitter comment

'Absolutely brilliant, really well organised and full of polite and friendly folk. Will be back again' - Twitter comment

(Photos Aaron Parsons)

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