Postponements & Cancellations

As we re-open, some events may still be cancelled. If you hold tickets to a cancelled event, rest assured your tickets are protected and we will contact you in due course about your options for a refund or, where available, re-booking to another date.

Please be patient and wait to be contacted. The phone lines remain closed and the Wheeler Street box office is open from 6 pm on performance days for ticket collections only.

If you need to contact Box Office, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as we are able. Please note, we are currently experiencing a very high volume of emails and may take a few days to get back to you.

2019 Reviews

The Times - ★★★★ 
'...this was emphatically a festival of old masters showing the youngsters a few tricks.'
BBC News - 'Thousands of music fans have gathered at the 55th Cambridge Folk Festival.' 
Hunt's Post - 'Music that is a privilege to hear'
Folk Radio - 'Folk music at its collaborative, inclusive, communal, spiritual, uplifting and joyous best.'
Fatea - 'Every year I think Cambridge can't get better, but it always does.'
Gig Review - 'I was floating on a cloud of acoustic beauty on a sunny summers evening.'

'Massive fun for a 7 year old and her mother.' - online comment

'I felt that the lineup this year was fantastic, even better than last year.' - Facebook comment

'I had a blast as always!' - Facebook  comment

'My 34th consecutive Folk Festival Although I’ve been to around 40 in total. Looking forward to my 35th on the bounce in 2020' - Twitter comment

'I always enjoy our time at the festival everything ran so smoothly ' - online comment

'Absolute class!!! Every year never Fails!  counting down the days already to next years.!' - Twitter comment

'Absolutely brilliant, really well organised and full of polite and friendly folk. Will be back again' - Twitter comment

(Photos Aaron Parsons)

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