Here's is a list of the different talks we had during the 2019 festival, we'll be back later this year with more info for 2020.
MOJO Interview
11.30am - 12.30pm | Friday | Club Tent
The annual Mojo interview features Calexico for 2019
Women’s Panel Discussion 
5.30pm | Friday | Flower Garden
Now a regular feature of the Flower Garden talks, our women’s panel will continue its journey on discussing what it is to be a woman working in the world today. Jodie Ginsberg Chief Executive of Index on Censorship joins a select panel of notable women from the music industries to discuss a whole range of topics. Not to be missed.
Mental Health in the Music Industry
4pm | Saturday | Flower Garden
Cambridge started this conversation last year after a run of high-profile suicides in the music industry last year. This year we wanted to continue the conversation about mental health. We will continue to focus on the music industry, its what we do, but talking about mental health in a wider context is also incredibly important.


Dreaming the Giant Awake - with Nick Mulvey and Mac Macartney
4pm | Friday | Flower Garden
Mac braids beauty, wildness, activism and the yearning pulse all humans have for a meaningful life, into a compelling narrative. It is a call, a paean, a heart-song, to the many millions of us who still stand on the side-lines and passively watch as our blue planet is slowly, systematically, and meticulously tamed, caged, and broken. He takes us to the edge of a high cliff where we can see the extraordinary in the ordinary.  He offers some beguilingly simple questions and an invitation. An invitation which if accepted will take us into unknown territory, to the edge of our courage, and perhaps, one step closer to the world of our longing.


Index on Censorship – Fireside Folk Tales for Grown Ups
9pm | Friday & Sunday | Flower Garden
As dusk falls and the witching hour approaches, gather around the campfire for sordid, uncensored folk tales as you have never heard them before: Gryla the mountain-troll in Iceland who eats naughty children and killed her first husband, Rapunzel's sordid late-night tumbles with her prince or Cinderella’s step-sisters chopping off their own toes. Folk stories from around the world have been censored and edited by collectors for years in a bid to remove "taboo" material. Join Index on Censorship and Cambridge Folk Festival artists for this edition of folk tales for grownups around the fire.
Index on Censorship
3pm | Saturday | Flower Garden
What actually is "folk" music and who are the "folk" in today's UK folk scene? How has this broad genre evolved its form and function as a vehicle for storytelling, holding power to account and exploring current social and political issues? Where does hip-hop, poetry, rap, new folk and folk-fusion fit in? Join Index on Censorship with special guests Dan Tsu, founder & director of Lyrix Organix, and Jade Cuttle, poet, musician and plant-whisperer, for an exploration of the future of folk in the context of free expression, interspersed with performance. Ages 15 - 25 (approx)



Please note that this programme may be subject to alteration and the audience are not allowed to photograph or record artist performances.

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