20.50 - 21.40 | SATURDAY | CLUB TENT

Singer and songwriter Maz O'Connor has been described by The Guardian as 'one of folk's brightest young talents'. Now living in London, her Irish roots strongly influence her lyrical story-songs, and her pure, clear singing style. Having already released two albums and been nominated for the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award Horizon Award twice, Maz has spent 3 years writing and recording her latest album, 'Chosen Daughter', which tells the stories of what she calls her 'foremothers', and explores the ways in which their experiences can be felt reverberating through the female generations. Produced by Mattie Foulds, it is her most ambitious work yet and will be released in the Autumn. This festival appearance (for which Maz is joined by John Parker on bass and Patsy Reid on strings) will be the first live performance of the album, which will also be exclusively available after her set.

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