Ben and Dom (EFEx Artist)

Club Tent, 13:15-15:05 (EFEx Artist)

Ben & Dom are an a cappella singing duo from South London. Ben takes the high notes and Dom takes the low notes (most of the time). The intricate blend of their harmonies comes from a close friendship and shared love of singing together. Ben & Dom weave their voices around songs old and new, performing original material alongside new interpretations of folk songs. Their lyrics touch on friendship, nature and what it means for two men to sing together in this modern day.

Ben & Dom are part of the EFEx mentoring scheme for 21/22. They will be performing at Focus Wales, Cambridge Folk Festival & the EFEx showcase. In April 2022 the duo will launch their debut EP ‘Shoulder’ and will be performing the project around the UK. The duo are also working towards their first full length album for release in early 2023.

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