13.30 - 14.30 | FRIDAY | STAGE 2
AK Patterson has been dubbed ‘a woman possessed’, disappearing to a place of fierce enchantment when she sings. 
At the heart of each performance is her unique vocal style. One that evolved from her upbringing in a jazz-centric household, and influences from Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Ella Fitzgerald and Portuguese Fado musicians. Learning the subtleties and characteristics in each voice has helped her carve her own, which moves easily between sensitive to thrilling attack and moments of melismatic Eastern promise. 
There is an artful process to her songwriting, which she likens to her previous experience as an oboe maker, “stooped over her instrument, fixated upon the details, meticulously crafting”. Almost as a method actor might prepare for a role, she thrives on stepping into the shoes of characters, imagined and real, testing out their boundaries and mining them for inspiration. One particular honey pot for new characters was her time spent living in Japan, during which she stayed with Monks to learn the harsh discipline of meditation and immersed herself in the life of a rice farmer by working in the paddy fields. 
An accomplished guitar and fiddle player, she and her bandmates, Alfie Weedon and Nat Reading, build a rich musical world. The trio met whilst playing the Brighton music circuit and festival scene in 2015. 

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