The art of storytelling is just that, and when done well is quite a mesmerising thing. Join our story tellers daily as they take you on adventures to far off lands to meet an array of some of the most interesting people, animals and mystical beings you ever dreamt of.

Alex Ultradish

Alex Ultradish (above), as unique as her surname, is very pleased to be back at Coldham’s Common this year. Alex will help you to dust off your magic carpet, whisking you away to situations you may never have encountered before. Stories as comfy as old slippers and as flexible as an acrobat. Come and hear something familiar or something more bizarre and new. You’ll be glad that you do.


John Row and Friends

Jon Row

Poet, storyteller, festival veteran, curator of and artistic director of the Marrakech International Storytelling Festival, Jon and his story-telling friends will be performing at both Cherry Hinton and Coldham’s Common throughout the festival.

Dawn Ellis

Dawn Ellis Dawn’s parents calmed her down with Grimm stories at bedtime and they stayed with her. She has been performing, one way and another, ever since. In her 12-year career as an actor she experienced exciting phases of unemployment where she fleetingly became several other things, such as radio and TV producer, travel writer, explorer, bar tender, tour guide, voice artist and personal leadership coach. On the way she discovered that there was such a thing as storytelling, fell instantly in love, and realised that working with story encapsulates all of life and everything you ever need to know.

Baden Prince

Baden Prince (Jnr) is a dynamic poet, performer and storyteller who has been a part of London’s thriving Live Literature and Spoken Word scene “since the turn of the century,” in the words of John Row. Between 2003 – 2010 he was organiser, promoter, and host of “Speakeasy,” one of the most popular and highly-regarded poetry and spoken word events in London.

Janina Vigurs

“Janina Vigurs (noun; Ya-nee-na V-eye-gers) is a professional oral storyteller and play-maker, who rejoices in the ridiculous. She tells tales to little folk from memory that live in her heart and bones. She’s also astonishingly good at facilitating play for small people and generally mucking about. Janina has been doing this for nearly 15 years and hasn’t been found out yet.

She tells folk tales, fairy tales, some of which are well known, some which bear only a vague recognition to a distant memory but all of which are relatable.

Norman Perrin

With his penny whistle in hand, Norman’s storytelling journey has taken him from Canada to the Orkneys, Israel and Sri Lanka as a teller of traditional stories in schools, parks, sidewalks, or wherever the story spirit calls for a tale. Two highlights have been sharing a stage with Traveller storyteller Duncan in Orkney and working with Sam the wandering pelican at the Butterfly Peace Garden in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

Donald Nelson

Donald Nelson grew up and lived most of his life in Glasgow, he now lives on the bonny banks of Loch Lomond. He Has told stories from Scotland to Russia at schools, libraries, storytelling centres including the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh and at Festivals across the U.K. including Glastonbury Festival and Cambridge Folk Festival.

Alice Walker

Alice is South African and was introduced to storytelling during her seven years spent in the UK. Entranced and inspired by the potential to bring communities together and reintroduce people to our common story and our links to the natural world, she believes that myth and folklore shines a bright light on our path during these dark times.




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