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5 minutes with Light Artist Xavier Fulbright

Thursday 1 February 2018

Above: Photo from the 2017 Festival.

Ahead of this year's Festival we speak to Light Artist Xavier Fulbright from Lumineer Studios to discover more about the amazing light installation he and his team have created for Cambridge this February...

How long have you been working within the lighting industry and creating your amazing light installations?

I have been working in lighting for 17 years and my colleague, Jamie Norris Green has been in the industry for 12 years.

What inspired you to create this specific installation?

We have a passion for light and lighting, so it is always nice to be asked to create temporary lighting compositions. This installation pays homage to LGBT individuals who have made and are making great contributions within science, engineering and technology. They are the inspiration.

Do you have a favourite city or place to create a light installation?

No. We’re just happy with any city that embraces light art to enchant and excite their community, and celebrate their buildings and places. As lighting artists, we are well aware that light creates a strong impression on our consciousness. Visitors will remember their experience and hopefully Cambridge will become their favourite city for light installations.

What does the average day for a light artist entail?

There is quite a lot of work to realise our vision. We would say that most of our time is spent painting light effects with both 2D and 3D imaging software to generate compositions.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to become a light artist what would it be?

Look around and observe light. Lighting artists and designers need to intuitively understand the effects of daylight on and within buildings, and also understand the effects and techniques of artificial lighting installations.

What are you hoping the people feel when they see your installation for the e-Luminate Festival?

Relaxed and happy. As with fireworks, we hope that all the lighting installations of the e-Luminate Festival make people smile.

e-Luminate Cambridge Festival takes place between 9-14 February. Events take palce throughout the Festival and the illuminations happen between 6-11pm nightly. You can discover what's on HERE