Installation: I see

Friday 9 February 2018
Senate House
The 21st century communicates with the 13th on the front of Cambridge’s magisterial Senate House

6-11pm nightly

The piece, created in collaboration with The Ordered Universe Project, investigated the core of the nature of human vision. It is based in our appreciation of colour and perspective - how our brains make sense of our environment. This work incorporates architectural projection into studying how human perceptions of the world can be visually distorted into an invented reality.

(Above: Installation Credit: Ross Ashton at The Projection Studio, Photo Credit: Alessandra Caggiano)

To donate £5 to the Festival text Light to 70500.

An example of the light display for Senate House for this year's Festival:


This installation has been made possible through the generous support of Panasonic and Pearce Hire.

Running time: