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Installation: Bright Lights - The Colours of the Brain

Friday 9 February 2018 to Wednesday 14 February 2018
2 Bene't Street
This projection is about the creative brain.

6-11pm Nightly

Our colourful interpretation of circulating ideas and emotions is taken from a series of workshops run by artists with community groups in Cambridge. The groups are made up of specific individuals who use their brains in different ways. We have explored the minds of creative professionals and people living with various mental health difficulties, including dementia.

We worked with Rowan Humberstone, Cambridge Art Works, Thrift Walk Studios, Cambridge Manor Care Home, Victoria Homes and Winter Comfort. The objects and images that they produced have been incorporated into the moving image projection in imaginative ways.

About Oblique Arts:
Oblique Arts is an artist led organisation. We enable communities to work with us to explore their creative potential through high quality visual arts projects. We provide unique creative workshops, projects and multimedia installations for the public, individuals and groups to inspire and educate. We use the arts to explore important questions around sustainable futures and to encourage critical thinking and creative action in order to improve lives.

Above: An example of the Oblique Arts' installation

Running time:

Every evening between 6-11pm