e-Luminate presents Ordered Universe Talks

Friday 9 February 2018
Cambridge Guildhall - CB2 3QJ
A talk exploring the life's work of Robert Grossteste, a remarkable medieval thinker and inspiration for the 'I See' installation on the Senate House.
Colour and Light dominate the thought of one of the most remarkable medieval thinkers, Robert Grosseteste. Later bishop of Lincoln, Grosseteste (c.1170-1253) was one of the most dazzling minds of his generation, church leader, political advisor, theologian, teacher, and scientist.  
Indeed, in a series of works from c.1195 to c.1228 Grosseteste explored natural phenomena from cosmology to the rainbow. A key part of his thought focuses on light and colour: light the building block of the Universe, colour its embodiment in transparent media. Bringing together scientists, medieval specialists and artists the Ordered Universe Research Project is dedicated to new analyses of Grosseteste’s works. So, if you want to find out about the medieval big bang, and the colours of the rainbow, come and find us!  
In detail the talks will consist of:
15.00-15.20 Giles Gasper (Durham), ‘Infinite Colour: Medieval Experience’
15.20-15.40, Jack Cunningham (Bishop Grosseteste University), ‘The World of Robert Grosseteste’
15.40-16.00, Alexandra Carr, ‘Sculpting with Light: Learning Medieval’
16.00-16.20, Joshua Harvey (Oxford), ‘Weaving a Rainbow’
16.20-16.40, Seb Falk (Cambridge), ‘Starlight and Astral Navigation’
16.40-17.00, Q&A
Demonstrations will consist of:
1. Joshua Harvey: Rainbow Demonstration
2. Seb Falk: Astrolabes 
3. Giles Gasper and Jack Cunningham: Poster Display 
4. Alexandra Carr and Rosie Reed Gold: Art display 
Please note the entrance to this event will be from Guildhall Street
Booking required but the event is free to the public thanks to the generosity of the sponsor: The Ordered Universe Research Group.  

To donate £5 to the Festival text Light to 70500.

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Running time:

3-5pm Talks and Questions

5-5.30pm Interactive exhibition and poster display.