Wednesday 19 December 2018
Cambridge Corn Exchange - CB2 3QE
Dance music legends

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When monsters are loose in a darkening world, we need monsters of our own to fight back. After a barnstorming live reunion which saw them play to ecstatic audiences across Europe throughout 2017 Britain’s giants of electronic music Orbital announce they’re back for good – with new music and an upgrade of the legendary live show that transformed festivals across the world.
Reunited brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll released their new single, Tiny Foldable Cities on 11th May. An intricate piece of electro-hypnotica in the lineage of The Box or Style, it restates why Orbital were always a cut above the bargain basement boom-and-bosh crew, and takes their signature sound forward into a new and fascinating phase.
Their first new album in five years - the one even fans wondered if they’d ever hear - called Monsters Exist is out 14th September. ‘Monsters Exist’ is a more classically structured Orbital album than their previous release ‘Wonky’, drawing inspiration from the
international political landscape all the way back from Paul and Phil’s pre-rave squat-punk roots right up to the volatile tensions and erratic rhetoric of today.
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Plaid: 19:45 - 20:30

Orbital: 21:00 - 23:00


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