The Musical Box: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Saturday 13 February 2021
Cambridge Corn Exchange - CB2 3QE
The Musical Box - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

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Saturday 13 February 2021 19:30
The greatest rock opera ever created, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, the final collaborative effort between the legendary Peter Gabriel and Genesis, is to be revived one last time... The end of an era.
The Musical Box, the only group in the world granted a licence from Peter Gabriel and Genesis, will recreate in its entirety, the original 1975 performance in painstaking details right down to the original slide show. Don't miss your final chance to witness this unique live experience.
Acclaimed for its historical re-enactment of early Genesis, The Musical Box has performed for more than a million spectators worldwide in some of the most prestigious venues such as the London Royal Albert Hall and the Paris Olympia. The Musical Box has the privilege of hosting Phil Collins as a performing guest. In its quest for authenticity, The Musical Box is cited as the best interpretation group in the world and the international reference for early Genesis
The Musical Box recreated, very accurately, what Genesis was doing- Peter Gabriel
They're not a tribute band, they have taken a period and are faithfully reproducing it in the
same way that some one would do a theatrical production- Phil Collins
I cannot imagine that you could have a better tribute for any act- Steve Hackett
It was better than the real thing- Mike Rutherford
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