Gordon Buchanan: Lions and Tigers and Bears

Sunday 16 March 2025
Cambridge Corn Exchange - CB2 3QE
Award winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker Gordon Buchanan will hit the road in 2025 with his biggest ever live tour - Lions and Tigers and Bears.

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Sunday 16 March 2025 19:30
Join Gordon as he recounts thrilling encounters with pandas, grizzlies, tigers, jaguars and more.  Learn about the heart-stopping moments, the mud, sweat, and tears, and the tender interactions that have shaped his extraordinary career.
Gordon Buchanan has dedicated his life to exploring the untamed beauty of the natural world, from the bamboo forests of China to the snowy landscapes of Russia, from the towering Himalayas to the depths of the Amazon. His mission: to capture the majestic big cats and bears on film and reveal their secrets to a global audience.
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Doors: 1hr before show time
Curfew: 23:00