Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Friday 15 February 2019
Cambridge Corn Exchange - CB2 3QE
Red Film programme.

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Experience an extraordinary collection of short films from the world's most prestigious mountain film festival.  

Follow the expeditions of some of today's most incredible adventurers, see amazing footage of adrenaline packed action sports and be inspired by thought-provoking pieces shot from the far flung corners of the globe.

This year there are two evenings that will ignite your passion for adventure, action and travel. For double the adventure come along both nights for two entirely different film programmes. Two night discounts are available.

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Photo: Valentine Fabre, Dent du Géant © Ben Tibbetts 

Red programme 

Skier vs Drone

It's a classic battle of man vs machine. Olympic bronze medallist Victor Muffat-Jeandet takes on drone pilot Jordan Temkin on the slopes of Snowbird in Utah. 

Filmmaker: Mike Douglas. Duration: 4 minutes

How to Run 100 Miles 

Jayson Sime had a tough start to life: he grew up facing poverty, homelessness, dyslexia and bullying. But he learnned to fight. In 2017, he entered his first 100-mile mountain ultramarathon (including a daunting 6,000m of ascent), betting on his life-long resilience to carry him to the finish line of Colorado's epic Run Rabbit Run. A film of pain, suffering, persistence - and glory. 

Filmmaker: Brendan Leonard. Duration: 27 minutes.


Marcel and Andrezj are legendary mountaineers. They have the first to conquer the highest and hardest peaks. To reach the summit of a daunting unclimbed peak they will have to overcome formidable obstacles, suffer hardship and endure each other's company for a very long time. But how will they cope when Andrezj is no longer willing to continue in Marcel's shadow?

Filmmaker: Ignasi Lopez Fabregas. Duration:11 minutes. 

This Mountain Life

Martina and her 60-year-old mum Tania embark on an epic ski traverse from Vancouver to Alaska - six months and 2,300km of journeying through relentless mountain wilderness. This Mountain Life is a multi-award winning film and riveting portrait of the human passion for adventure, set high in the peaks of British Columbia, Canada. 

Filmmaker: Grand Baldwin, Jen Rustemeyer. Duration: 38 minutes. 

Far Out: Kai Jones

Kai Jones may be only 11, but in th mountains age doesn't matter. This next level kid is following his family's ski tracks... right into backflips and tricks off cliffs. Watch in awe as one of the world's next great skiers in the making, takes on the mountain. 

Filmmaker: Teton Gravity Research. Duration: 5 minutes. 

Ice and Palms

'Unorthodox' is the word used to describe German friends Max and Jochen's many adventures, and their latest expedition - five weeks, 1,800km and 35,000km vertical metres self-propelled across the Alps - is no different. Starting in Germany and finishing at the Mediterranean, Ice and Palms tells of a raucous bikepacking journey, summiting mountains and skiing iconic lines along the way. 

Filmaker: Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck. Duration: 25 minutes. 


As a young adult Jon Wilson lost his leg to cancer, but he hasn't let that stop him sinking his teeth back into life and shredding gnarly mountain bike trails. In Ascend, he shares his motivation for continuing to ride, even though the odds are stacked against hilm. 

Filmmaker: Simon Perkins, Sharptail Media. Duration: 6 minutes. 








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19.30 - 20.45

Interval 20 min

21.05 – 22.15

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